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How to make a guy date you, when he is already dating?

November 6, 2012

Crazy about the guy around the corner? But, he’s already taken. So what? When has it ever stopped to go for something that’s not yours? Forbidden fruit is always sweet and so is the guy that chick from next door is hanging out with. Want him to be as smitten by you as he is for the other girl? Then follow these steps-

1.Get acquainted:

Be noticeable. Pass him that dazzling smile of your’s.Let him notice you so that he is aware of the viable options. If you already know him, then befriend him and share numbers. Stay in contact. If you are in the same class, try to take his advice and help in the projects, activities.

2.Win his trust:

Be trustworthy friend to him so that he shares his problems with you, especially relationship problems. Make him believe that you are not a danger to his relationship. Don’t go overboard. He may back out.

3.Never say anything against the girl:

Do not say anything bad about his girlfriend. He doesn’t need your advice; he just needs somebody to listen to him, so keep listening. Keep in mind the characteristics he is complaining about, and try avoiding those stuffs. Be there for him whenever he needs you, be commiserating towards his problems.

4.Be the opposite:

Now that you already know about the things he hates about his girlfriend, be the exact opposite. If she is into utter girly stuffs then be the tom boy he can hang out with, accompany him with a game of soccer. Try not to change yourself completely; he is already friend with you for what you are. A beforehand investigation about his girlfriend can help.

5.Dress up:

Show him your glam avatar. Let him drool over you. Try to avoid serious flirting, that may put him off for good. Although some sly touches and coy smiles can drop some hints. Be classy and suave, something his girlfriend is not.

6.Make him jealous:

Find a guy somewhat equal to him. Talk to him about your new discovery. Show him that you are very happy with your guy, at this moment he may start comparing his relationship and yours. Drop a tinge of suggestion that may be his girlfriend is the real problem.

7.Dump the find:

Now that your guy is jealous, dump your fake boyfriend. He may add to your complications.Unless you dump your boyfriend you cannot advance with your guy, double timing is not classy.

8.Turn to your guy:

Now it’s his turn to console you for your broken relationship. Moan about how hurt you are. Nothing attracts a guy more than a damsel in distress. Spend some recreational time with him. At this stage you can kiss him, and he won’t say no, you are already hurt, he won’t add to your woes.

9.His break up:

If he is so caring for you, he is definitely in love with you. Wait for his break up and you can move on with him.

Whatever you do, try not to be the vamp. If you genuinely want the guy, do not put up a false façade before him. He should like you for your unfeigned personality, not some false character you are trying to portray. Otherwise beware; some other girl may be around there to snatch your guy from you. Keep in mind these points and Bingo!! He is yours.

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