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5 Ideal Date Spots

November 6, 2012

So you want to do on a date but can’t decide on the location? We’ll help you out. Well, your date spot obviously depends on a number of factors. One of them is the length of the relationship or the comfort level. If the relationship is pretty new, then you’d like to go to a space where you can have fun. If the relationship is quite old, then you can easily have a comfortable silence between you both. This allows you to explore a greater range of avenues, and you can easily explore other options such as going to a movie. A movie is hardly an ideal first date option. Another factor that plays an important part is how much cash you’re willing to spend. If you’re unwilling to spend too much, then you can consider cheap alternatives such as parks, beaches, home, etc. If you can spend a lot, a lavish restaurant or such places seem very good options. We’ve mentioned five great date spots –

  1. Restaurant – It’s a stereotypical thing. Thinking of a date immediately reminds you of a restaurant. This is because you keep watching it in movies, and it’s the most comfortable spot. Here you have the perfect distance between you both, especially for a first date, and yet you can focus all your attention on each other. You both can eat some superb dishes (don’t overeat, but) and as your taste buds make you happy, the conversations will become even better. A little bit of alcohol would also help you guys loosen up a bit, and you can enjoy a great conversation.
  2. Home – A perfect date spot if you’re short on money or otherwise as well. At home, you’re quite literally at home. So, you know things around. You are absolutely comfortable. You can save money and yet cook great dishes. You can do a variety of things, perhaps catch a movie on your home theatre. You can get a little cozy as well, and you’ll be totally comfortable.
  3. Amusement park – This is one fun venture! You can go crazy on all the rides, and you’ll really open up to her. You’ll create some crazy and awesome memories and have some really nice moments in the park and after that. We’re sure, after that amazing day at the park where you had tonnes of fun, while you drop her home or otherwise, she’s going to say, thank you so much for all the fun we had today, I’ll really cherish this day.
  4. A regular cafe – A small coffee outlet will be just a very casual option. This can be for all sorts of dates. You can sip some coffee and allow the caffeine to stimulate your brain, and enjoy hours of long conversations.
  5. Sports activities – You could enjoy in small sports activities. A game of pool, some fun skiing on ice, or maybe watching a football game, all these would irk some amazing emotions in you and you’ll surely have a very nice time with her.

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