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Simple Dates

November 1, 2012

So you’re not sure as to whether you want to enter a relationship or not? You’re just interested in checking out how the thing works before really deciding anything? This is what you’re likely to feel when you’re emotionally a bit unstable. It happens when you’re little bit low, or feel that something is lacking from your life, and maybe you should try being in a relationship to know how it works out. But this does not mean that you will dive into a relationship, because it has the potential to further mess up your life even more. You could go for the safer option – going on a number of dates to see how the thing works out. Since you’ll be going on a number of such dates, and you’re really not sure about things, you would obviously like the date to be on the cheaper side. Here are a few tips to make your date cheap, yet enjoyable.

  1. Avoid expensive restaurants – This one is a no-brainer. If you want to go on a date that’s cheap, you must avoid places which are expensive. You cannot really expect to take her to an expensive place, and think about ordering cheaper dishes or likewise. If you go to an expensive place, no matter how much effort you make, the expenses will go over budget. Hence, it’s always advisable to go to a place that’s slightly under-budget than one that is right on budget. Because that will allow you that wee bit of space to spend a bit more here and there. It’s always better to take her to a cheaper place and have a good time than to take her to a very lavish place and face embarrassment.
  2. Go to places that are light on the pocket – A date does not always mean that you’ll have to take her to a place where you can eat out. It’s a process of knowing each other better. You could easily take her to a place where you can have a lot of fun, but at the same time at no or less cost. You could, for example, go to a park and have a long walk, or  just sit and talk amongst nature. You could take her to an amusement park that has cheaper tickets, and enjoy all the free rides and have a lot of fun. You could go to a beach and just chill all day in the warm sunshine. There are a lot of options.
  3. Have a great time at home – If it is possible, the best place to go on a cheap date is nowhere but to invite her to your own home. You could have a lot of things to do at your place. You could sit down and watch a great movie, and just relax. You could cook some food for her, or even ask her to participate. This will save a lot of costs, while at the same time ensuring that the purpose of the date is well-fulfilled.

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