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Love at First Sight – Right or Wrong

November 1, 2012

Before deciding on whether it’s right or not, let’s first ponder upon the concept of love at first sight. Love at first sight truly happens when at the first sight of the person, you go crazy about that person. You do not even wait for an introduction, or an interaction with the person. The looks and the way the person carries himself makes you absolutely desire that person.
Based on our genetic configuration, and how we’ve been brought up, we’ve developed a certain sense of choice. For example, some of us like the colour blue more than yellow, and for others it’s the other way around. There’s no explanation really as to why one likes blue more or why the other likes yellow more. Similarly, there are a lot of preconceived notions that one might have in his or her head. Just like white is a sign of purity and simplicity, there are certain images that bring in our head certain sensations and feelings. So in the same way, the certain image of that particular person invokes in our mind a lot of positive feelings, and make us want to be closer to that person. It makes us possessive about that person, and such feelings overwhelm us. We then start inquiring as to who the person is, and we’re then love struck.

The point here is, there are certain type of people that are compatible with us. We’re on the lookout for people of that type so that we feel comfortable. We make an image of how that person would look. For example punk guys have a different way of dressing, and hence we know one when we come across them. This is because we have formed that image of such a person. When we see a person, her face, the way they carry themselves, their dressing style, something appeals to us and we’re instantly attracted. Since all these factors about a person actually project what kind of a person they are, the bond that can be formed by such a relationship can be quite strong.

But this has a number of catches. First, to be in a relationship, you need to impress that person. That might take a lot of time, and worse, they could be already committed. Sometimes you can fall in love with such a person, but the person may not reciprocate at all, in spite of your repeated attempts to talk to that person.

Another fact is that, that person might turn out to be entirely different from what you had thought. Then you’re in for a disappointment. Mistakes happen by everyone, and you might realize it early in the friendship or after entering a relationship. Although knowing it early is good, it’s painful in both cases.

But it is entirely true that there have been a number of surprising cases in which there have been people who have fallen in love at first sight and gone on to have great relationships and great love lives. Hence, we must never stop believing and accept what fate gives us.

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