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5 Don’ts for Guys While On a Date

October 31, 2012

Dating is very necessary when it comes to maintaining a relationship. Dating and relationship go hand in hand. As giving each other ample time is very necessary in a relationship, dating ensures a good way of spending time with each other. When a guy takes out a girl for a date, there are many chances that your date could be ruined simply just because of some silly mistakes. There are some things which a guy would not even notice or think about it but it will be certainly noticed by the girl. Here we are going to highlight some very uncommon points which a guy should not do while he is on a date.

  1. Dressing Sense

Always be properly dressed while you are on a date. Do not come dressed up shabbily. Wear clean and comfortable clothes so that you concentrate on your girl not on your clothes. Your attire should be impressive rather than being funny. Do not wear funky clothes. The girl should think that she is out with her man, not simply any other guy. Do not wear accessories if you are not used to it and cannot carry it well fashion is in its own place and your prestige at a different place. So be careful with it.

  1. Ringing Cell Phones

Yes cell phones cause a problem while dating if they continuously keep on ringing. You will seriously end up irritating the girl if you constantly pick up calls while you are on a date. Cell phones cause a lot of disturbances and it is better to shut them off. But it is not always possible, so you can keep them in silent or vibration mode. Attend those calls which are urgent and can’t be avoided. Do not pick up all calls and keep on blabbering while your girlfriend is waiting for you to keep the cell phone and talk with her

  1. Eat Properly

There is a style of eating while you are on a date if you want to impress your girlfriend. Eat moderately and modestly. Do not attack on the food as if you have not eaten for ages. Do not spill food while eating. Before you eat first offer food to your girl, more specifically try to feed her the first spoon of food, do not overeat and end up burping loudly in front of her. Order food after asking her choice rather than ordering whatever you like and forcing her to taste it. She may not say no, but will definitely not like it if you do not take her opinion.

  1. Getting A Present

Though it’s not mandatory to get a gift, but every girl likes presents. Girls like surprises always wait to be surprised by their boyfriend. Getting a gift for her would definitely add charm to the date. You need not get anything very expensive and show off in front of her. If nothing a simple rose can do wonders. It will bring a smile on her face and a spark on your heart. Flashy gifts are a big no.try to get some personalized gifts that she will admire or anything you know that she will appreciate.

  1. Being Physically Close

There is always a time and space for everything. Do not get too close while you are on a date. Holding hands is okay but do not go beyond that. Do even try to kiss her if she does not give a hint. Before you move forward you need to have that perfect chemistry between you two.

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