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4 Common Relationship Problems

October 31, 2012

Being in a relationship and maintaining it are two different things. It is very easy to get into a relationship but very difficult to make a relationship work properly. Everybody wishes that things will go on a balanced way but it does not happen that way actually. There arises lot of differences between a couple and it hampers their relation. Different issues arise due to different factors but in the end it has one motive, that is, to destroy the relationship. Different people have various methods of handling relationship issues, but we shall discuss here some of the most common relationship issues.

1. Trust

Trust is the basis of all relationships. Without mutual trust on each other, no relation can exist. Being truthful to your partner is very important. You should be able to confront everything to your partner without hesitating. If you hide anything which your partner finds out later then it will be very shameful for you. Do not cheat your partner. Whatever you have in your mind say it to your partner. Maybe they will understand what you did and why you did. Do not cross question and check on your partner always. Have faith on them and they will have faith on you.

2. Intimacy

Intimacy is very important in a relation. Sex life totally depends on the chemistry that you both share. Before being physically close try to strengthen your emotional bonds first. Sexual relation is very private thing and it depends upon what you and your partner wants. Do not force anything on your partner. Try to satisfy your partner instead of only concentrating on yourself. Active sex life is a key to maintaining a relationship. It mainly depends upon mutual commitment and comfort level. Have proper sex life so that your partner won’t look for it outside your relation.

3. Money

Money matters a lot in today’s world. Money can create a huge difference between partners. If one is earning more and other is earning less especially in cases where a woman earns more than a man then there arises ego problem between a couple. And once ego comes in love goes out of your life. It is said that money can never buy happiness but in this materialistic world man derives happiness from materials which money can buy. So basically both partners should have ample to get what they desire for each other and themselves.

4.  Attitude

Having proper attitude towards each other is very necessary. So behave well and expect the other to behave well. Do not be more demanding and dominating. Both should give equal respect and importance to each other. Do not consider your partner as taken for granted. You should be polite calm serene and gentle in your words. A good sense of humour is also important. You should be able to keep your partner entertained. Shouting at the top of your voice if there is a fight never helps. So be calm and patient and try to explain each other your own point of view carefully. Be a good observer and if you notice a change in your partner’s attitude then confront them rather than changing your own attitude.



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