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Should you cheat in a relationship?

October 29, 2012

A love relationship is a relationship of trust, yet different people have different opinions about it. Before that, it is perhaps important to define a relationship. A relationship is when you are with another person, as a partner, and the bond between you both is special. The bond if different from what you share with others. They are special to you, and you are special to them. You both talk to each other more than you talk to others, and you share almost everything with each other.

But on a deeper level, the reason why we perhaps enter a relationship is for our own happiness. The relationship makes us feel special. It makes us feel good. It makes us confident about life, and gives us a sense of happiness and security. It makes us believe that there is somebody who will always be there with us, and we can depend on them. We feel very happy about the time we spend with them, and they are treasured by us. They give rise to a sense of excitement in us, and the entire world seems to change into a much better and happier place. Importantly, it lifts our mood, and makes us look positively at life. We do not enter a relationship just because we want to give another person all this. We do things because we derive happiness from it. One would never enter a relationship just because someone else will get happiness.

Hence, now that it is established that we enter a relationship for our happiness, it is time to look at whether to cheat on our partner. Some relationships get really exciting in the beginning, and become dull and boring after that. The excitement of the relationship is gone, and it seems monotonous. The partners hang onto the relation just for the sake of it, and the relationship is no longer fun and you no longer get happiness from it. At this point, it would be improper to leave your partner, maybe because there is potential for future happiness, and the current dull phase will eventually pass. Also, at the same time you might be wondering that once you lose the partner, you will never get them back again. At the same time, there seems to be a hot new exciting bond that you’re forming elsewhere with another person. The person seems to be very exciting, and you are really attracted to that person. You are in two minds. You want to both go for the other relationship, and stay in this one. Here comes the question whether you should cheat or not. It depends on your own values. If you believe that you can take this calculated step wherein you cheat on your partner, and if you find your new partner to be nice and good natured, then break up your past relationship, then it’s entirely your choice. On the other hand, if you believe in loyalty, and think that it comes above your own happiness you can either stick to the relationship, or break up before going for another person. But if the other person turns out to be not so exciting after a few days, then you’ll be left with nothing.

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