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How to Solve a Failed Marriage

October 29, 2012

When a relationship exists and lasts for a long time, and the partners find each other very compatible and the bond to be great, they decide to marry each other. A decision to marry is a big decision, and it creates a legally binding relationship. Hence people ponder a lot before marrying, and the relationship must really have that much value and potential in order to marry. The decision must be taken with much care and after much deliberation. But if the partners consider each other to be very close to each other, and the relationship has passed through a number of phases, then at the right age they might decide to marry each other.
Once the marriage has happened, there might be a lot of problems that will emerge. A marriage means that in most cases, the partners live together. When they live together, they are exposed to many more things about the person than they previously knew. It’s a matter of adjusting with each other. No relation is perfectly compatible, hence there will be things about each other that they don’t like. There might be habits that they were not aware of about each other, and it might be difficult to deal with them. There will also arise other issues, of in-laws, monetary problems, etc. In order to sustain the marriage and help it grow and give happiness, there are a number of things that need to be done. We’ll tell them to you in brief:

  1. Spend time with each other – After marriage, life gets hectic due to the process of earning your daily bread. You both have little or no time for each other, and the magic of the relationship seems to be disappearing. Here, it is extremely important to spend time with each other. Come early from work, take your partner out for dinner, and have a great time. Spend weekends at home, or go on a holiday. This will improve the marital relationship.
  2. Talk out problems – Whenever there is an issue, talk and patch up as soon as possible. Don’t delay the process. Talking will help you improve the understanding between you two, and will solve issues. If you don’t talk about it then the relationship will get from bad to worse, and you will have nobody to blame but yourself.
  3. Talk out monetary issues – There will arise problems regarding the division of expenses. There might be less willingness on the part of some partners to spend money. The expenses must hence be divided between them, and each must know how much they have to spend. This avoids clashes.
  4. Try to recreate the magic of the relationship – With the additional burden of maintaining a family, your relationship will slow down and not be the same as it was before, during the carefree times. Here, you must make a conscious effort in order to recreate the magic of the relationship and ensure that both the partners are happy and comfortable in the marriage.

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