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How to Make Your Relationship Better

October 29, 2012

It is indeed pleasant to be in a relationship, but one needs to maintain it as well. A relationship surely gives us a lot of joys and pleasure, but only if it is in a good state. We can depend on the other person to be with us whenever we want them, and we feel secure with them. But in a bad relationship, this feeling does not exist. What exists is either indifference or sadness and insecurity. The relationship is as good as over, and there is no chance of that making you happy.

Truth is, all relationships are not like that from the beginning. From the start, almost every relationship is exciting and pleasant. It introduces you to an exciting new world full of joy and goodness. But slowly, with time, the excitement dies down. It is no longer fun to hang around with the person, and the person gets boring. We get bored with the person, and we feel like we’re falling out of love with them. It is in this phase that most relationships break, and an effort could be made to successfully salvage this situation into something much better. It will take a bit of an effort, but will be possible. You could also start working on it right from the beginning. This will help you be better prepared, and you might avoid this situation. The key is to bond so well, and be such a huge part of their lives that they cannot live without. Here are some tips that will help you keep your relationship fresh and happening –

  1. Make it exciting and surprising – Try new things all the time. Go on dates to strange places, play pranks on people, crack jokes, do whatever makes you happy. Go into the unexplored, and you will explore a part of your relationship that you never knew existed. This will make your bond much stronger, and you’ll have created thousands of memories that you can never erase.
  2. Make friends with their friends – The best way to make the bond even stronger is to increase your friend circle by being friendly with your partner’s friends and allowing your partner to do the same. This will expand your friend group, and you can hang out together. You shall not be uncomfortable anymore in front of them, and you’ll form a big group that’s always together. Being a part of such a group will make things much more solid, because it will be difficult for your partner to be away from you. It will also improve your partner’s friends’ opinion about you, and that will influence your partner in a big way.
  3. Be good with their family – If possible, get close to their family members as much as possible. That will really improve the prospects of your relationship, and it will have much more potential. Be nice to their siblings, and be someone they like and admire. You’ll then have established good roots with her social life, and the bond will get infinitely stronger.

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