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What to do when a friend you’re interested in isn’t interested in you

October 27, 2012

Being in a relationship is truly magical, and there may be moments when you really want to get into a relationship with a person who is a friend. A friendship is perhaps one of the most important relations that a human can enter into. When you enter into a friendship with a person, you get to know much more about that person. There may be times when a person you were never too interested in initially for a romantic relationship becomes a friend of yours. After they become very good friends, you realize what a true gem of a person they are, and you both are very compatible with each other. Here, the relationship has really good foundations. This is because it has gone through the test of friendship beforehand. You already know that he or she is a great person, and you both bond very well. That’s really half the job done. You should really consider entering into a relationship with that person, because it’s sure to be a great one.

But here comes the catch. When you are interested in a person, it does not necessarily mean that your friend is interested in you. Your friend might just see you as a friend only and nothing more. Worse, they may have other interests. But in such cases, you might want to give it a try. Perhaps your friend hasn’t realized how great your relationship could turn out to be, and maybe you could do that, and who knows, it might just work magically.

Before doing that, you must be ready to be exposed to a bit of a risk, which perhaps you could also manage with a bit of clever thinking and words. The risk is of losing that friend. Sometimes the people don’t really remain friends after you’ve asked them to see you in a different way, and the friendship doesn’t remain the same. That’s a bad part, especially because you don’t want to lose such a person from your life. But you can still remain friends with that person, if you become a bit subtle about it, and things can return to normal.

When you want to approach your friends for a relationship, maybe it would be great if you could just be a bit tactical about it. You could just strike up a conversation one day and ask that person to imagine how much fun it could have been if you both had been in a relationship. That’ll make them think that way, and at the same time not make you both awkward about it. Another way is to use small, flirty lines that the other person is likely to take light-heartedly, yet those would have him thinking a bit about it. If the other person is involved with someone else, then it is sure that the other person might have some complaints about them. You could do such actions that could, in a very subtle way, show how much you’re better than that other person. The person might then start wondering how much better you both might have been had you been in a relationship, and this successfully sows the seeds of a relationship in the other person’s mind.

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