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How to Get a Person to Like You

October 27, 2012

There may be a huge number of occasions when you really want a person to like you, but the other person may not notice you at all. Even if they notice you, they never really seem to like you, or see you in the way you see them. Some of them might just consider you to be friends, and nothing else. So to come to their notice, and for them to want to be in a relationship with you, you might just have to do a few things. You really would love to get into a relationship with them, and believe that you’ll be really happy with them. But that will take a bit of an effort. Although that varies with each situation, there are a few universal things that you can do to get a better bond with that person.

  1. Find out about their interests – Find out about what things they are interested in. It’ll give you a lot of matter to talk to them about. Also, they’ll quickly notice you that way. For example, if they take interest in photography and you’re a very good photographer in your college or office, they’ll quickly notice you and want to be with you. The interactions between you both will increase, and subsequently the attraction. You can talk about such things, and slowly your interest for each other will arouse even more. Slowly, you’ll find yourself being very good friends with the other person, and then it is upto you as to which way you take such a relationship.
  2. Be good friends with their friends – They will have a few best friends who will have a great impact on their minds, whether they realize it or not. Hence, it becomes really important to be in the good books of their best friends. When you’re great with their best friends, you get a twofold advantage. First, you can easily know about the other person’s feelings and secrets. Secondly, when their friends like you, they will start liking you as well.
  3. Be good at things – Whether it be academics or sports, be good at things. You could also be good at other things. When you’re good at things, you get really popular. When you’re popular, people tend to like you and form crushes on you. Who knows, you might just get a new admirer who is the person you admire? Also, in any case, when somebody really popular and famous likes you, it’s very difficult to say no. So it’s a win-win situation for you.
  4. When you talk to them, be nice – When you talk to them, don’t show too much attitude. Be nice, simple. Be whoever you are. Don’t try to be fake. You would have an idea about what kind of a person they are. You could talk about their interests, and try to be patient. It’s really good when you listen to someone, because you can know about the person and also at the same time you can arouse their interest in you.

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