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5 Mistakes Men Do On A Date

October 26, 2012

Going on a date is a very special part of a relationship. It adds togetherness to a couple’s life. It gives new definition to a relation. Both man and woman seem to be very excited when it comes to going on a date. But men have to balance the situation better. When man asks out a woman, he needs to be pretty confident that he can handle the situation well in spite of any differences. He needs to make the woman feel comfortable happy contended and satisfied. In order to impress the woman, men often commit a lot of mistakes. They man fail to charm the woman, but will definitely not fail to make a big blunder. Men have to be very careful in their words, action behaviour while they are on a date. Here we are going to sight some common mistakes that men do and you should try your best to avoid that.

  1. Proper Grooming

Being properly dressed up is most important. A man should not be shabbily dressed up while going on a date. He should look smart confident good and more importantly a gentleman. Do not wear an everyday use t-shirt and do not bathe with perfume. Don’t apply excess of cologne that it will be fatal for her senses and she can’t even smell the food properly. He should be able to impress a woman by his way of dressing. His attire should not make a woman feel awkward.

  1. Sense of Humour

A man should have a good sense of humour. Humour is such a thing that either you have it or you don’t have it. Bad sense of humour can perfectly spoil a date. You would end up forcefully laughing, blabbering and all rubbish. Do not try to be over smart if you don’t have it in you. Be sober calm and gentle rather than being overconfident. Use the perfect words for a perfect setting while on a date.

  1. Being Physically Intimate

There is time for everything and getting physically close to a woman on a first date is definitely the worst idea. Do not even make an attempt to hold her hands if you do not have the perfect chemistry between you both. Trying to kiss her is also worse. Try to get connected emotionally and physical connection will make its own way out.

  1. Social Awareness

Have at least some general knowledge about what is going on around you. No girl would like to date a man who awareness is zero. Try to charm her by your words, by flaunting your knowledge. But here again do not speak about anything that you do not properly. A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. You can lose your entire image by trying to play with words. So be very careful in this respect.

  1. Attitude

Have the perfect attitude which will make a woman fall for you. Do not be rude while you are on your date. Be polite in your way of speaking and behave like a gentleman. Do not be impatient about anything. Do not keep on bragging about what you did with your friends when you were in this place earlier. Try to give all importance to her.

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