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Your Second Relationship

October 24, 2012

Your second relationship perhaps holds a lot of significance. Perhaps, slightly more than the amount of significance your first relationship holds. If you’ve been in a relationship already, and you look back, you’ll probably think of that time when you were a bit immature, and perhaps you rushed into the relationship. That has happened to most people and is quite true. We tend to get too excited and get carried away by all the excitement, and often make mistakes or errors in judgement. There are certainly a few lucky ones who get to spend their lives with their first love, but most others aren’t quite lucky. They usually experience failure in their first relationship, and then they mature. Or at least, they should. That is why the second relationship is so significant. It is to ensure that you don’t repeat the mistakes of your first relationship, and enjoy a much better and happier relationship.

In the initial phases of the first relationship, the excitement is at the peak. It is a brand new feeling that comes to you, and the world seems a different place. There, you don’t quite look at or you ignore some of the essentials of a relationship, and go ahead with it, in many cases just on the basis of physical attraction. This is where you commit the mistake. Here are some tips to ensure a great second relationship and all relationships after the second one.

  1. Look at the person – Don’t just look at how the person looks or behaves, or how popular he or she is. You must look at the person’s heart, that is, how good a person it. You must observe certain character traits and make necessary judgements. When you fall in love with the physical features or some exciting personality trait of any person, it is really not love. At most, it is a crush. You fall in love when you really fall for the person, that is his heart. You need to know a lot of things about a person before you actually fall in love.
  2. Rectify mistakes – There must be mistakes that you might have committed in your first relationship. Learn from them. Make it a point never to repeat such mistakes again. You might have been a bit too possessive, or there might be understanding related problems. You must look into it, and try to rectify them as far as possible. For example, you can give your partner more space, or sit down and have a chat whenever there is a misunderstanding. Hence, you will learn a lot, and you will get better as a partner as you progress in life.
  3. Don’t rush – You might have rushed into your first relationship, in all probability. Rushing won’t help, because it doesn’t give you time to know the other person better. You must date for some time, or in any case, give it some time before you commit. That will help you ascertain whether the other person is the right one for you or not. You can do this to avoid any future misunderstandings or compatibility-related problems.


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