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What to do When the Relationship is Slipping Away

October 24, 2012

When the relationship is going smooth, we hardly need to do anything to maintain it. It just happens normally, as if by magic. Everything goes perfect, and everything seems great. The relationship itself goes on well, and it makes the other aspects of your life seem much better as well. That is the power of a magical relationship.

But this phase of the relationship going smooth is not consistent. This phase usually occurs at the beginning of the relationship and goes on as long as the excitement and the interest level of the relationship remains high. If the interest level goes down and the relationship becomes monotonous, then the relationship becomes boring. It puts you in two minds. On one hand, the relationship increasingly starts feeling like a burden on your day to day life. Also, rather than improving your life, it makes it all the more boring. On the other hand, you have this guilt of ending the relationship. You feel that it would be morally wrong to leave the relationship just because you’re slightly bored. This leads to a series of undesired consequences. Firstly, the number of disagreements and fights increase. Secondly, you don’t care too much about the relationship, and hence you’re likely to do things that will further increase the fight and make the relationship, and in turn, your life much worse.

Hence it is necessary to take some action when you think that your relationship is slipping away, so as to maintain the interest and excitement level, and make your life all the more happening and joyous. These are a few things you can do –

  1. Surprises – Nothing makes a person happier than a grand surprise. You could give her a surprise gift, or go on a surprise date or pop up one day with the tickets of your next vacation in hand. You could just cancel your days work in order to spend time with her, and believe me, she will love it.
  2. Talking things out – When things get dull and boring then, talk. Just talk, and things will get better. When you talk, you think about more things to do, and things improve. Also, in case there are problems or anything, then talking is the best way to solve things. It will help you understand your partner better and clear misunderstandings, and make the relationship much better.
  3. Spend time with each other – Often, as you get engrossed in your day to day activities, you start losing that eagerness to meet each other. When you fell in love with her, there was an element of physical attraction in it too, although that varies from couple to couple. When you meet each other, and spend time with each other, then you rekindle that attraction and things immediately get much better.
  4. Introspect – When something is wrong and you can’t pinpoint as to what it is, then try to introspect. Maybe something about you has changed, or maybe you’ve started giving more attention to other priorities. When you introspect, you come to face such facts about yourself, and when you learn such things, you can try to better them.

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