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Things Men Love About Women

October 23, 2012

Men and women are the two genders of the human race that are made for each other. They are meant to fall in love, get married and spend their lives together. They have certain special characteristics about themselves, which are totally loved by the opposite gender. They may not realize this, but there are small things they do which really attract the other gender.

In a relationship as well, the attraction reaches its peak. People love each other for everything they do, and they like all the things you do for them as well. So it exists on the physical level, as well as on the emotional level. Such attraction makes the relationship special, and brings you even closer. There are a number of things that men love about women, and women don’t quite realize all that. We’ve discussed a few things men like about women, and how a woman should be in order to be liked by a man.

  1. Men love all that sweetness – Women are sweet and cute, well usually. They’re very nice as human beings and their view about things is often entirely different than how a man sees it. Men love their point of view on that particular thing, and they often find it sweet and innocent about you.
  2. The good qualities – Women have a load of good qualities. They’re usually well mannered and non violent types. A man doesn’t like to see his girl fighting with others for no reason, or holding ill will against others. This makes the woman look very gentle and caring in the eyes of a man, and they absolutely love it.
  3. Commitment – All creatures love commitment. It’s really nice to be thinking that someone somewhere is thinking about you right now. That person would stay by you all the time and never leave your side. Girls also have a tendency about talking about their partners in front of their friends (good things of course). When such things happen, men love it. This is because it’s a hint that you’re an essential part of their lives. You could also just show the man that you’re a loyal person by standing by all your friends, and not bitching about them. That’ll leave a nice impression on their mind.
  4. Guys like it simple – Don’t go for all that extra make up, just because you think it’ll make you look very pretty. Don’t go for that fancy or flashy dress that you’ve just noticed at the market. Keep it simple. Men don’t like you to be all flashy, they want you to look elegant and simple. Simplicity has a charm that is not matched by anything else. Wear simple clothes, and sober colour combinations. And wear a normal amount of make up. That will make you look awesome in the eyes of a man. And oh, guys simply love the smell of your hair.
  5. Be yourself – You must be yourself, don’t try to be someone else. You are special the way you are, and you must be accepted that way. Being fake only complicates things. Hence, make sure that you’re always your best, by showing what you really are!

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