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How to recover from a break up

October 23, 2012

A relationship gives us joys and happiness as long as it is pleasant and things are perfect between the partners. It is indeed a feeling to savoir  But not all relationships and people are lucky enough to experience a relationship where the partners are always together and happy, and things are great between them. A number of issues arise, such as those of compatibility, misunderstandings, etc. which destroy the relationship. Things start getting worse, and give you a lot of pain. There will be one point where you cannot take any more, and you decide to part ways.

After a break up, there are people who recover quickly and move on. But there are also people who ponder over the relationship for years, and are unable to move on. They keep thinking as to what went wrong, and what could have gone right. Such people are in a very difficult situation. On one hand, the relationship has deteriorated and they can no longer live with the other person. On the other hand, the relationship has become an integral part of their life, and they cannot live without that person.

Well, in such situations, if you do decide to break up, you can use some techniques in order to forget your ex-partner. Thinking logically, if you believe that the relationship is pulling you down, and you need to move on but you cannot, then you can use these techniques. They will make you feel better, and in due time you’ll have forgotten about the pain of the relationship.

  1. Get a new partner – If you’re willing, then getting a new partner is the best option that you can take. You’ll not have to spend endless hours alone thinking of the past, you have a new person with whom you can spend the most of your time. It’ll also do your confidence a load of good, and you’ll start having a positive outlook towards life.
  2. Engage yourself – Whenever you’re depressed about anything, engaging yourself in work really lifts your mood. On one hand, it’ll be productive, and on the other, you can start forgetting about your past. You can work a lot, and that’ll leave you with no time or less time to think about your past.
  3. Talk about it – It’ll help you immensely if you talk about your past relationship with your close friend. You can tell them everything and pour our all your heart in front of them. You might get some tears and some period when you need consoling, but when you get these things off your chest it’ll really lighten you up. You’ll feel much better.
  4. Go on a vacation – You could take a couple of days off your work and perhaps go on a little holiday, and unwind. You could mentally prepare yourself for the future, and plan out your life a bit. You can console yourself that life is much more than a mere relationship, and by giving it some time, the memories will go away and you’ll be back to normal.

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