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When to Enter into a Relationship

October 21, 2012

A relationship is indeed special and brings with it a load of happiness. It brings a phase of your life that you’ll thoroughly enjoy and live happily. These are times of interdependency, love, affection, caring that you share with your partner and brings a sense of satisfaction and a lot of stability in your life. There are different phases that your life does pass through, because it happens with everyone. There are a number of objectives that we need to satisfy. Some of them may be things such as building a good career so that we live a comfortable life and remain happy. There are a lot of phases where we need to realize and prioritize as to what is more important in our lives. To go with it, there are different types of commitments including serious and long term ones, and the not-so-serious and short term ones. This makes a very complicated mixture, and you need to sort out things and decide as to what you really want to do. You must plan out your life and although it will not always go to plan, having a plan itself helps you think things over and have a much better life.

First comes the student stage. Well, you are most likely to fall in love during the student stage itself. Also, the student stage involves quite a long period doesn’t it? Right from school to high school and then graduation college, the journey is very long. This is really the phase when you build your career. You’re likely to develop crushes during all this time, and it is quite advisable to enter into a relationship in late stages of high school or in graduation college. The reason is simple. You’re quite immature in school and in the initial stages of your teen age. While the inclination to enter into a relationship is the highest at that point, you might do well to refrain yourself, just to avoid that unnecessary heartbreak. It’s quite true that love can happen at any age and last the rest of your life, but the point is, the probability of it lasting in such a situation is just lower.

When you’re in high school or in grad, then you can really understand things much better. If you’re looking for someone to date, fall in love and then marry, then doing so in grad school or during your job is really the best time. You’re both mature and understanding, and have a level head on your shoulders.

In case you’re looking to date short term, and are emotionally sorted enough to not let stuff affect your career, you can really do that at any age. Some people find dating short term to be a lot of fun and time well spent. If that is your preference, then there’s no problem as such that your career might get affected by such a thing.

But all this does come with a disclaimer. That is that you can fall in love any time, and in some moments you just don’t have the control. Well, sometimes it’s good to lose control.

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