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Cut down on your own Shortcomings

October 21, 2012

Every relationship is a great thing to carry out and be in, but it causes a lot of pain and unhappiness when it ends. The happiness lasts as long as the understanding, interdependency and security lasts, and then when it ends, it’s really quite heart breaking. Often it so happens that while breaking up, the partners still like each other, but they are breaking up due to reasons such as ego issues.

Whatever the reason may be, breaking up is not pleasant. It’s a bad part of a relationship which should be avoided as far as possible. Obviously, if you’ve landed with the wrong person, then you must break up. But due to ego clashes and misunderstandings, there are a number of compatible people who break up. Such couples had a good potential for a future relationship, and it ends with such break up.

Such breakups in relationships with good potential must be avoided at all costs. You could end up with a very good partner, and you might not get somebody as good ever again in your life. In every breakup, the fault cannot be attributed to only one partner. You cannot clap with one hand, and similarly, the fault is always on both sides. Quite often, it may so happen that when one person compromises or goes out of his way to make the relationship better, the relationship indeed becomes better. A lot of fights and problems can be avoided by such a thing and it is essential for the longevity of a relationship. There are a few tips as to what you can do to ensure that there is no fault on your part.

  1. Do all the reasonable things that you should do – In a relationship, both partners have choices.  Someone might not like that you drink too much, or somebody might get a bit jealous if you become too friendly with somebody she doesn’t like. Hence, you must respect their choice, as far as possible and do all the reasonable things that she expects from you. You can do that extra bit to do what your partner likes, and that will create a healthy environment.
  2. Talk it out – In case of any issue, make sure to talk it out right at the beginning. Such feelings have a tendency to build up, and when it comes out one day, it brings with it a terrible situation. Also, things get worse if you don’t talk things out. Hence, talk things out and it will help you clear misunderstandings and ensure a healthy relationship.
  3. It brings a lot of goodwill – When you do all things in your part to clear misunderstandings and maintain a healthy relationship, your partner will notice it and reciprocate with the same. They will appreciate your efforts, and they in turn, will also work to make the relationship better. If you make small adjustments here and there, they will also return the favour. This will make your relationship much more stable and happy and ensure longevity.

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