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Are you being a good lover?

October 21, 2012

When it comes to relationships different people have different style of romancing. Romance need not be based on ideas perceived from films and movies. It is an uniqueness each and every couple. Everybody has a different way of expressing love or romancing his or her partner. Achieving perfection in love life is very much important and it depends upon what kind of lover you are. Doubtlessly there are numerous moments in life when we can test what kind of lover we are. Relationships work on mutual chemistry and both partners can work out to be perfect lovers. Here are some basic daily points from which we can judge what kind of lover we are

  • Sometimes your partner does not pick up your call.

At such a situation many thoughts may come to your mind like he or she is very busy, or they might be cheating you with someone else or simply you are missing your partner very much that you can’t resist. Here you should simply give them some time assuming that they are busy in some work. You should not give away your mind into baseless evil temptations thinking that she has been cheating on you.

  • Supposing you partner forgets your birthday/anniversary

Yes, at such a time one will be deeply hurt and sad, but it is always advisable to forgive your partner as you know “it’s human to forget”. Obviously your partner won’t do it knowingly. So it’s better to forgive and move on.

  • Does your partner surprise you often?

Well it depends upon mutual chemistry between you both and your partner would consider himself or herself very lucky if you line up surprises for them all the time. Though it’s not possible always you can do it whenever you like or any special occasions.

  • If your partner cancelled a date because of some unavoidable emergency

You will really make a good lover if you will be concerned first and hope that your partner is fine. Yes it is very normal that you will feel bad, hurt and expect your partner to make up for it, say sorry and do something or say something that will make you feel happy but it will be terrible if you think that something seedy might be coming up or she may be double crossing with you.

  • You catch your partner lying to you

Trust is the basis of every relationship and it is also a necessity when it comes to achieving perfection in love. Yes it’s quite normal that you will be angry, sad and hurt, but it would be quite sensible on your part if you find out what situation compelled your partner to lie to you, rather than following your doubts that your partner may be hiding something from you.

  • If your partner often received calls from work when you both are on a date

It would be selfish if you don’t allow your partner to take any calls saying that this time is exclusively meant for you. Don’t sit quietly thinking that work comes first. You know you don’t like it. So it would be better to keep quiet at that time and not spoil the moment and tell that to her later.

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