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Things About Men Which Seems Unattractive To Women

October 17, 2012

Relationships have become very vulnerable today. Every guy craves for a miss perfect in his girlfriend. Whatever a guy may be he always fantasizes his girl to be the best among the crowd. But most guys do not understand that even a girl wants the best of best qualities in her man. They do not give a damn to what the girl thinks admires wants or desires from them and they end up in loosing that girl. A guy should be able to attract a girl towards him by understanding the girl and knowing what behaviour to portray in order to gain the favour of a girl rather than being repelled by her.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons which makes a woman repulsive towards a guy.

  1. 1.      Appearance and Grooming

We know that everyone cannot look as the most handsome person or be Mr. Perfect. But at least a woman can expect the minimum in a man like having proper grooming, staying clean, taking care of his body. Men who don’t care about personal hygiene seem repulsive to women. A girl would definitely not like a person with dirty nails, unshaven face, smelly mouth, yellow stained teeth and body odour. When it comes to physical appearance a woman would never like her man to be obese and unfit. Staying fit and healthy is most important to remain disease free and impress a woman. It is helpful for the person as well as his partner.

  1. 2.      Having no sense of responsibility

After a certain age everybody is expected to become responsible. Every woman desires that a man should be responsible enough to care of her and her needs. Sense of responsibility brings a maturity in a man and since women become mature earlier than men; they will always expect certain qualities from men. Irresponsible attitude of men simply turns off women. Women don’t want to waste their time on a man who is not responsible enough to utilise his own time properly, be it in family life or job.

  1. 3.      Flattering

Compliments have their own charm and it’s true that every woman likes to hear compliments from men. Though she may not agree to it publicly, yet deep inside her heart knows what her mind wanted to hear. But men often take the wrong advantage of this concept. Men go on complimenting  a women and do not realize when it becomes flattering. Women hate men who love buttering. A woman likes to hear something good about her not something that is hyped about her. Men often think the more you praise a woman, the more she will bend towards you. But gone are those days of praising and wooing a woman. Today women are too hot to be handled and men should realise to give proper compliments instead of trying to prove that she is the perfect 10/10 woman in the world.

  1. 4.      Lack of sense of  humour

A woman is more compatible with a man who understands and responds to her words the way she wishes to. A woman finds a man more charming if she can freely converse with him, laughs with him, feels comfortable to discuss critical matters with him. A man should have the ability to make a woman feel light comfortable when she talks with him, laughs at a joke or giggles at silly topics. Men should have a good sense of humour such that a woman can freely say what she wants to say and does not feel burdened to relieve her heart’s content to a man. Bad sense of humour in a man seems very repulsive to the opposite sex. Proper words and a good sense humour are the best tools to turn on a woman. A woman is definitely repelled by a person who does not charm her by his words.



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