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Know If An Online Guy is interested in you

October 17, 2012

Chatting with strangers, on-net relationships have become a natural event.  Is there some guy you met recently online and two of you just seem to click!? He is ready to hear anything, he is available online every time you are, and he is interested in every word of yours. This guy is trying to relate to you. Here are some points that will surely help you know if this guy is totally crazy about you.

1) He spends a lot of on-net time with you: Asks you to play online games together, explore websites, give suggestions to shop from some online websites, chat till early hours of morning, and give off-line text messages that he is online. Guy wanting to spend so much of time with you is totally into you.

2) He is curious about you: Does he ask questions about you, family members and your dreams?  He will also want to know your favorite color, actor, movies, music etc.  He is just trying to know you better. It’s his way to tell you that he cares about your likes and dislikes. Tough personal questions like these indicate his keenness to get along with you, but if he is being too personal don’t answer.

3) Looks forward to your compliments: He sends picture of himself to you looking all slicked up? Sending his pictures from a cool party he attended?  He is surely trying hard to impress you, and is eagerly waiting for you to give a compliment.

4) Gives more importance to you: He cancels hangout plans at weekends just to spend time with you online.  Guys are glued to their buddies and group games plans, so if he cancels it for you then you are really special. Just pay attention to him when he says he had cancelled a social gathering for you.

5) Gives names that reflect sheer endearment: He calls you with cute nicknames like honey, sweetie, sunshine etc.  Nicknames are only given when the other person thinks of you as someone more than a friend.

6) When I becomes us: In between chats he starts referring two of you using terms like ‘we’ or ‘us’ like “…. Yesterday after ‘we’ went off-line” rather than “…. Yesterday after I went off-line”.  This tells you that he thinks two of you are potential couple, leading few steps in the same direction may render a cute relationship.

7) Shares the day with you: If he tells you about how he spent his day, what’s his schedule for tomorrow and asks you about your day, your plans he certainly wants to meet you and see you in reality. This shows his willingness to be with you in real life.


If he is so sweet to show most of the signs given above then he is totally smitten with you, and you can surely go ahead with this guy.The time is changing and so are we,  so find your love online in this era, true love doesn’t depend on the medium, it’s never virtual, always real.

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