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How To Tell If the Person You Are dating is a Psycho

October 16, 2012

Something weird about the person you are dating currently? But you just cannot pin-point it. You may be discarding those vibes as your hallucinations but being safe always pays. Given the fact that psychos are people from among us, there is a very good probability that you are dating someone who is a psycho. It is very possible! But there is nothing to worry. We just have to look up for some characteristics so that we can save ourselves from useless tension and harassment. The following points can help you determine whether the person you are dating is a psycho or not:

1)      Observe unusual or unnatural behavior: See if there are changes in behavior pattern in or around some particular situation. You should not get obsessed about it and become a psycho yourself. Just observe. See if they just mutter to themselves or they just like to talk about odd topics, they argue much over futile things or they just like to collect odd items. This can be a way to attract attention for the psychos who just love being the center of attention, by hook or crook. If your date wants you to change something about yourself, for example your hair color or style, so compulsively that you may just have to give in reconsider your decision.

2) Mood swings: Have you ever faced those extreme mood swings? These unpredictable mood swings are not only harmful to your relationship in the short run but also will have a great impact in the long run too. If it is going to be a totally unpredictable relation, it is better if you reconsider your decision. Unreasonable sudden irrational behavior is really not a good sign. This type of person can make them too hard to be around and may even pose danger to you in the future.

3) Check their background: You can have a quick background check just by meeting their friends. A man is known by the company he keeps, so make sure you know all of his friends thoroughly before making any big decision. You can take a note whether you feel weird around them too. Or see if he/she has a non-existent social life or they do not get along with their family. Often psychos face a lot of trouble handling work pressure, you can also take a note of that.

4) Analyzing your relationship: Examining your interpersonal relationship with your date also helps. If you feel insecure and uncomfortable around them, then something is surely wrong. Anxiety ridden dates are surely a no. You should not feel that their attention is purely based on your appearance. You should be at complete peace when with them. There should not be a constant problem of miscommunication with your date.

If you want to find the one for you then please stay away from these psychotic people. Extreme cases of insincerity, over possessiveness, over protectiveness are some of the characteristics one should steer clear of. The most notorious psychos go around with a mask. Just look around yourself and you can save yourself from unnecessary headaches and also from a psychotic burst.

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