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5 Signs For Men To Know That She Is Perfect For You

October 16, 2012

Ever body likes to hear that’ made for each other ’ comment. Eventually there comes a point in life where a man wants to get settled with the woman he is involved with rather than playing around. Men will come across some indications from women and men need to pay attention to that and understand it. There are a lot of qualities and attributes on which you can judge a woman but here are some of the most important indication that a man should realize. Below listed are some of the important signs to know that she is made for u.

1.      She does not try to change you

Every person has his own individuality and he likes to be loved with the same. This is an important when it comes to settling down with a woman. Men often brag about this fact that the woman wants to change them. Here is the point when a man should be careful in choosing a woman. A woman should love a man the way he is. Men should be careful if a woman tries to change him or mould him her own way. A woman should respect a man the way he is. This does not imply that she should support you even when you have bad vices, but make it a point to note that she does not change your entire individuality. A woman should love you the way you are and she should admire you for being yourself.

2.      Loyalty and trustworthy

These moral values are of upmost importance when it comes to stabilizing a relationship. Trust is the basis or you can say, the foundation of every relation. It has to be mutual. A man should know that the woman should be trustworthy enough to be depended upon. A man should trust a woman and have the ability to judge the nature of the woman. If a woman stays with a man during happiness as well as sorrow, then she is to be trusted. A man should be able to say ever thing to a woman without taking a back footing while saying it. Though loyalty cannot be always tested, still then a man comes across many situations where he can judge whether the woman is loyal or not.

3.      You feel special when you are with her

When you get the king of the world feeling with a woman, you just need to know that she is made for you. The way she cares for you, respects you, holds your hands, touches you, hugs you, all these denotes how much she loves you. If a woman listens to what you say carefully, whenever you say you know that is the one for.  A woman should have a lot of patience while dealing with men. A woman should be able to surprise you by her ways and always be up to your expectation. She should be able to understand your desires even bring it to your lips. If a woman makes you forget the entire world, then know that she is made for you.

4.      She gets along well with your family and friends

when you think that a woman is the perfect match for you, before tying the knot with her a man should find out how well she gets along with his family. A woman should respect your family as much as she respects you. She should behave properly with your family and be up to their expectations. If you are comfortable, happy and satisfied when she hangs out with your family, then she is good for you. She loves to hear stories of your family and shows a good sense of humour. She keeps good relation with friends and also does not put you down in front of your friends. When a man sees all these qualities in a woman, then know that she is perfect for you and your family.

  1. 5.      Perfect chemistry

There should be a good chemistry balance between you and your girl. She knows what you want before you say it. You end speaking hours with her talking rubbish. You both never get tired staring at each other. You always think about her and she keeps dreaming about you. She is very passionate about you and you both desire each other equally. She gets you something whenever she is out and you both equally reciprocate the love for each other.

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