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How to Move From Dating to a Relationship

October 15, 2012

If you have been dating someone for a while and you have generated a strong liking for the other, it is perhaps time to take the next step.  For some it can turn out to be scary one and some may feel that life didn’t get any better before. However, the transition from dating to a relationship is one of the most defining and important moments in a relationship and should be dealt with in a careful manner as it gives a shape to your relationship and lays a strong foundation for an ever-lasting relationships.

The following steps should be kept in mind while moving from dating to a relationship:

1)      Talk with your partner:

You should let your partner know about your feelings and your desire to take the relationship to the next level. You should make it sure that your partner is equally interested in the same. You should let your partner know of all your inner emotions and feelings. You should discuss things in detain with your partner, whether it is time to transform it into a relationship and make it a more exclusive or you just need some more time. However, if both of you don’t come to terms in this regard, there is nothing to worry about, all your partner needs is a bit more time.

2)      Spend more time and put more energy into your relationship:

You should spend some quality time with your partner and should try to know him/her better once you get committed. You need to take good care of your partner and ensure that the spark in your relationship remains unblemished. You need to love your partner and ensure that your partner loves you back. Being in a relationship is easy but maintaining it is quite a task, so make sure you are there for your partner anytime in his/her need.

3)      Make sacrifices:

It is said that in order to have something, you get to lose something. So, make sure that you make sacrifices for your partner in times of any sort of difficulty. Life is certainly not a bed of roses, so in order to make your relationship a strong and everlasting one you need to make compromises.

4)      Let it take its own course:

The transformation from dating to a relationship is something you can’t force it on your partner so make sure that you accept everything that is about to come on your way. Trying to pressurize someone to stay in a relationship with you will only lead to the other getting apprehended and thus he/she will avoid you. If your partner is resistant, just give him/her some more time and space but don’t make any compromises on your love and affection for the other, things will certainly change for good.

5)      Be honest:

Being honest and preserving their trust is the most important aspect in a relationship. A relationship is not made on the grounds of lies so make sure you get all your lies cleared and confess them to your partner before starting a relationship.

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