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How to be a Good Husband

October 14, 2012

People experience a lot of joy and satisfaction in a successful relationship, and in order to take that joy forward, and to enjoy a happy and stable life, they decide to marry each other. A marriage, of course, should not be entered into after only a short term in a relationship. If the partners are in a happy and stable relationship for a long time, then they can decide to marry when the time is right.

A marriage is quite different from being only in a relationship, because the partners live with each other. They are closer to each other than ever before, and at the same time there are a lot of changes which come about in a relationship. It is a responsibility of both the partners to earn a good living, and do necessary activities for a good life. In short, there are a lot of other responsibilities which crop up in their lives, and they often keep the partners busy. What suffers from such a situation is the love between the partners, because sometimes in all the rush of day to day life, the partners start having less time for each other. The marriage relationship then becomes non-exciting and boring. The partners do not feel as close to each other, and as much in love as they were when they were in a relationship outside the institution in marriage. This leads to frequent misunderstandings, fights, and causes unpleasantness in the marriage. Hence, in order to prevent such a situation from happening, a few steps could be taken.

  1. Keep texting each other – Agreed that you have a lot of work and it is not possible to always keep talking to each other. But, you can send each other texts while from work. A simple text does wonders, and shows that partner that you’re thinking of them.
  2. Take out time for each other – The work of our everyday lives does take away most of the time from our lives, but still there is time that we can find out for each other. It is important to find out that time, even if it means to cancel some appointment once in a while, so that you both can spend some time with each other.
  3. Plan special things – Whenever you have some time for each other, spend it well. You should plan a special thing or two every month so that you can keep up the excitement in a relationship. You can plan for an interesting dinner, a movie or a short trip, and make her feel special.
  4. Talk over things – Whenever there is a problem in the relationship, irrespective of whether it is a misunderstanding or a money related issue, talk it over. Not talking it over would cause a lot of awkwardness in the relationship and worsen it. There are problems which are inevitable, now that you are living with each other, and hence it is important that you talk them over in order to avoid such problems and maintain a healthy marriage.

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