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Entering into an Online Relationship – Right thing to do?

October 14, 2012

In the previous decades, the concept of online relationships and online dating was nonexistent. Way back in the century, people wrote letters, and later in the century, people chatted on phone. But all that had one thing in common, the people had met each other before in person, and knew each other, at least a little. Of course, you can’t write a letter to a person whom you’ve never met, or don’t know, and same goes with phone calls. But in the matter of an online relationship, it is not necessary to know each other before, or meet, before you can start dating. You can easily send a ‘friend request’ online to a person, even if you don’t know him, and start talking to them.

This is the issue which causes the problem. How can you date somebody you don’t know? When you could meet a person and know him personally, you could tell a lot of things about what kind of person he is. There are high chances that you could know his friends, or your friends would know him, and a general conception of what kind of a person he is would be known to the public. But online, that is very difficult. The entire ‘profile’ of the person could be fake, and he could just be fooling you. The person has ample scope to pretend that he is a particular type of person, but he might be something entirely different. Just when you started falling for him, you’d realize that the person does not exist, or even if he exists, he is an entirely different type of person! It is this abuse of online sites that is the most worrying, because it might lead to heartbreak. Also, things might be worse if you’re not careful, and with increasing crime rates all over the world, you might just know. Hence it is extremely important to be careful in online dating, and not enter relationships blindly.

With the times, the technology has changed, and online dating could certainly be extremely convenient, but in the right hands. Hence, before committing yourself, or even before thinking about committing yourself, you should first inquire about the type of person he or she is. If there is no info, either through online mutual friends or elsewhere, then you should perhaps refrain from dating. If the person is a genuine one, then you might go ahead with knowing what type of person he is. It is always advisable to give it a bit of time before entering into a relationship. Just make him wait. This way, you get to know whether the person is truly interested in you or whether he fluctuates from person to person. If the person persists, then he is probably a good person, and if the other things about the person seem acceptable to you, then you might consider dating. Love was the same back in the time when people wrote letters, and love is the same in today’s time of online dating. But with times, other things have changed, and entering into a relationship online is good, as long as you’re careful with it.



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