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Tips to Write a Good Online Dating Profile

October 13, 2012

Nowadays, with the advent of science and computer technology many teens are resorting to online dating sites rather than indulging themselves in real dating. People check out other people profiles in these sites and think whether to start dating them or not. Their interest in the other depends solely on the profile of the other. So it is quite important to have a very good profile in these sites. Having a good profile will make your online dating experience a more eventful and fruitful one.

There are certain things that should be kept in mind before creating a profile in an online dating site and if you already have created, there is nothing to panic about. You can edit it any time you want. The following tips should be kept in mind:

1)      Fill in your real details:

If you want to increase your chances of finding a good date, the first thing is to give the right information and to fill in everything that needs to be filled. You need to be specific. You shouldn’t reveal much about yourself or less things. Make sure you list down all the qualities you want from your partner and whether you are interested in a short term relationship, long term or seek to marry someone.

2)      Fill in the requirements:

The next big step is to fill in the requirements or the qualities that should be possessed by the other. You must put down a list of must-haves, good-to-have and things that need to be avoided. You can also mention your likes, interests and hobbies so that you have a greater risk of finding one with the same likes and interests.

3)      Make yourself unique:

You need to write down something unique about you so that people who bump upon give you a serious thought. You should be witty in your approach.

4)      Upload a good photograph:

Here comes the most important criterion required in a good dating profile. You should try your best to give a good photograph of yourself so that people from the opposite sex can have a crush on you, right from checking out your photograph. You should be looking pretty and luscious by any means and of course that smile on your face can create many wonders.

5)      Think of a catchy Screen-Name:

Don’t go with the mainstream while thinking of screen-names. Instead you should think of one which will suit your personality, attitude and should be unique at the same time.

6)      Be positive:

The most important criteria for posting a good online profile in the internet are to be confident about you. Even if you find it hard to charm others by your looks, being confident will certainly increase your chances.

7)      Be honest:

Make sure you are honest in your approach. Make sure you have given the correct name and your photo. Setting someone else’s photo as your profile picture will certainly land you in trouble one day or the other and another important requirement is to be patient.

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