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Tips to Enjoy Dating in College

October 12, 2012

College life is said to be the most relaxing and amazing life in a student’s career. College life is about a period of generally 4 years and during these 4 years many boys and girls develop crushes and many fall in love and as usual many stay single in their college life throughout. There are certain stuffs that should be kept in mind to enjoy dating in colleges.

1)      Dating eases out things:

There may be certain pressures and responsibilities in college life but having a date certainly ease out things. You get an opportunity to hang out with your date or to share your sorrows and happiness with your date. In this way dating makes life less tough and college life looks relaxed and is found to be enjoyable gradually. So do find a date for yourself if you haven’t and yes, you’ll notice the difference.

2)      Going on a date with someone may open multiple doors:

If you do find a date for yourself and if you do hangout with the, chances are there that you’ll get to know each other in a better way and will really fall for each other. Thus going on a date certainly opens multiple doors. You may also share long-term goals or be available for a more serious relationship that may gradually lead to marriage.

3)      Be free and relaxed:

You need to be confident about yourself and relaxed to enjoy dating. You shouldn’t by any means be apprehended to date someone of the opposite sex. Instead you should take your date a bit more casually. The most important way in which one can enjoy dating is like to have a basic idea of how dating is like. Both girls and guys need to understand dating.

Girls shouldn’t feel that if a guy asks her out, he’s asking her to marry the guy and guys should also understand going out on a date with a girl doesn’t mean that you get to marry the girl.

Both guys and girls also need to understand that this is the prime time of life and if they both don’t enjoy life together then they won’t get a chance to enjoy in the future as life is far more complicated in the future.

4)      Take advantage of opportunities:

Girls and guys should take complete advantage of opportunities. In other words both should understand that dating is not a tough job or something more serious. So, what needs to be done is to be far more relaxed and enjoy the company of each other.

Neither boys nor girls should be apprehended of dating someone or asking someone out on a date. The extreme case that may happen is that you’ll get rejected. Nothing more than that and you don’t have to worry about that either. There are plenty of girls and guys in the colleges and you will certainly get someone to hang-out with sooner or later.


And if in the worst case you are done dating or if you can’t find anyone to date from your batch, there are always juniors.

So, keep looking until and unless you find someone to date. College life is indeed the most awesome part in a student’s life.

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