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Why You Should Go Back to Her

October 10, 2012

While the title might suggest that we’re directing your life and telling you to go back to your ex-girlfriend, we’re in reality not going to that extent. We’re just going to point out the good things about getting back with your ex if you’re still into her, something you’ll realize, isn’t bad at all.

A relationship, you all would agree, in spite of all the pain it gives while you’re breaking up, is a wonderful thing. It introduces you to a world of love, happiness and security that you’d never have imagined. Breakups do happen, and it is more a clash of egos, where the people are not willing to reconcile that they don’t get back together. In a few cases, the love exists after breaking up and even when they’ve started dating someone else. Truth is, that person was perfect for you, and you might not find somebody like that in your entire lifetime.

Try to look at things this way – your relationship with your ex was a completely different world where you can no longer go, except for reminiscing about them. That world was beautiful. If you go back into a relationship, you’ll be back into that world. That world of beautiful feelings, that world of happiness, fun, caring and security.

Perhaps you might retrospect and think about how stable or comfortable life was with them, and how changed it seems. Maybe if you could get back to her, all that stability might just return. This is mainly because you both are very compatible, and you understand each other really well, which in turns makes life so much better for you.

Another issue that has less probability of happening is trust issues. If your relationship broke up due to trust issues, then it’s usually pretty painful for both the partners. If after a break up, the partners do get back talking and enter the relationship again, then it signifies that the two of you love each other very much. The partners must have learnt a lesson from the past issues, and since they decided to come back, they in some way believe that the relationship was much more important than the issues. The chances of a partner hence cheating on the other partner is less, because both of them are now more mature than what they were previously.

When you go back to your partner, you know them very well. The relationship has made your understanding of each other even better. There is likely to be a high level of understanding between the partners and both would be willing to adjust more in a relationship. The amount of respect and understanding would be more than what it was earlier, and this will lead to lesser misunderstandings and related problems.

The most important thing is perhaps that once you go back to that person, the bond becomes immensely strong between both of you, because you both now know the value of each other. That is one of the best things about getting back with your partner, and well, you’ll lead a much happier life full of love and caring.

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