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How to Have a Good First Date

October 10, 2012

A lot of us are interested in dating. Dating is when you go out with a person, and get to know that person better with a view to enter into a long lasting relationship. A date is a very good and efficient way of getting to know that other person before a relationship, and at the same time remaining less committal. It’ll be terrible if you enter a relationship directly and find out that you both are not very compatible. Hence, a date is a proper stepping stone to a relationship.

A lot of us find dates fun and interesting, while a lot others are scared of dates. They are scared of putting the wrong impression on people, and of things going terribly wrong, which they will, unless you drive this thought from your mind. It’s great to improve on your dating skills, which means you can meet more people, and remain happy. We’ve mentioned a few tips for a great first date.

  1. The first tip for a good first date is to go for one. If you’re scared of one and keep delaying it, it won’t help. You need to take that step.
  2. Secondly, you should drive away all those fears in your mind. They make you more nervous, and more prone to making mistakes. You should chill, and not be bothered by the outcome. Whatever it is, it’ll be a learning experience and make you more prepared for the next date. And it will never have too big an impact on your reputation if the date fails, it never does.
  3. Another important thing is to look spick and span. Wear good clothes, but don’t try too much. Be casual, yet simple. Wear nice and bold colours such as white or blue. They always look nice and smart.
  4. Be well mannered yet simple. Girls like men who are well mannered. That shows that men know how to respect them. Always pull the chair for them before you sit down, and open the door for them. These little mannerisms may seem trivial but when she thinks back on the date and analyzes things, she’ll see these in good light.
  5. Open up soon. You don’t have all night. We accept there is going to be a bit of awkwardness, and that is perfectly normal. But make sure you open up pretty soon, and be your real self. This will take a bit of an effort, but will work in wonderful ways. When you guys open up, you can have a very animated and lively conversation and make an immediate impact. You both are going to look back onto an evening well spent, and it’ll be easier to decide whether she’s the right person for you.
  6. Have a nice closing gesture. Say a nice and sincere line while you’re leaving, and that’ll give a good effect. Thank the person for the date, and tell her you loved the time you spent with her, even if you did not. You can’t get back your time, but being polite gets you many admirers. Happy Dating!


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