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How to Make a Platonic Relationship Work

October 9, 2012

A platonic relationship can be defined as a true and healthy relationship between couples without any kind of sexual relations. Platonic relationships generally get developed when there is a deep friendship between friends of opposite sexes and both of them have some feelings for each other. Platonic relationship also includes couples who are in a relationship and either or none of them is eager to go sexual with the other. Platonic relationships can be beneficial in many ways. They make things less complicated and your friend of opposite sex can offer you advice, help or support in numerous ways.

Here are certain tips that you should keep in mind and stuffs you should do to keep all sort of problems away from a platonic relationship:

1)      Be ready to handle all kinds of tensions and emotional stress in the future:

It is all a part of the human nature, to be attracted to the people of the other sex for sexual relations. So, if you or your partner doesn’t give consent to you two maintaining a sexual relation with each other, many arguments may take place leading to many arguments in the future. This won’t happen unless and until your partner is gay.  So be ready to accept such problems and handle them carefully.

2)      Form limits and rules:

The first step you got to do before you get into a platonic relationship with anyone is to get a clear understanding of your limits and barriers. It would be very beneficial to both of you if you have a complete, clear-cut understanding of the status of your relationship. You should also get it in mind that it is friendship which matters the most and that the both of you should spend time as much as possible with one another.

3)      Trust yourself as well as your partner:

To make a platonic relationship work, you should have a complete trust and faith on your decisions as well as your partner’s. You are the sole one who will be responsible for your decisions in the future. So, you should take your decisions quite carefully and more than that you have to trust your partner. Trust is indeed the most essential ingredient in any relationship.

4)      Keep the benefits in mind. They will help you in building a strong mindset:

Platonic relationships have various kinds of benefits. These benefits should be kept in mind. Benefits include:

a)      Relationships don’t just mean as a medium of being physical with one another. Platonic relationships help you in realizing that. You get to share many things with the other at a spiritual, emotional and personal level.

b)      You get to be the real you in front of the other.

c)      There’s no question of jealousness or any kind of sexual relations involved thus making life simpler and happier.

d)     Both of you can fall back on each other anytime for any sort of help. Help may range from advice and suggestions to each other to a more realistic level.



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