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Keep Your Relationship Fresh

October 7, 2012

Anything stagnant is not productive; similarly your relationship also needs a kick from time to time to keep it in a good shape. Brand new relationships are always fun, the first flutter of the heart for the person you love can’t be forgotten ever, but with time people tend to take each other for granted and the relationships loses its sheen. So how do you maintain the verve and charm of your relationship in a long run? Read it on.

  1. New is better:

May be when you started, scented love letters simply took your breath away, but the time has changed. Why not give your relationship a gizmo touch? Won’t you love it when your partner messages you at work that “Honey, I miss you”? Use the latest technology like email, blackberry, and sms to spice up your life. It’s definitely fun.

  1. Be a bit touchy-feely:

Love needs to be expressed. Hug or kiss just out of the blue. Holding hands while walking or simply when you are trying to explain something, definitely adds an extra dimension to your feelings. A goodbye kiss unquestionably brightens up the day. So express your love via touch.

  1. The good old Date:

You are never too busy to date. Plan a romantic date over a weekend.Dress up. Be the gentleman/lady she/he wants, chivalry never fails. Put up an honest effort to impress the person who holds your heart. You can also plan a cozy romantic dinner at your place and end up thenight on the couch with hot chocolate and sweet memories of your first date.

  1. Talking helps:

The best thing about a long term relationship is that you are very comfortable with your partner. So, it’s better to talk off your problems than keeping grudges. Issues are meant to be discussed, do not expect it get resolved itself. More than 10 minutes of silence on the dining table is a dangerous thing, break this silence with some funny story from your office or some anecdotes. Share your day with your partner, so that he/she is aware of your state of mind. Similarly be an empathetic listener. Sometimes if they are saying something, may be they simply want you to listen.

  1. Compliment:

It is a normal human tendency to expect a pat on the back. Appreciate the feat he is putting in your shopping spree. Be delighted when she is enjoying a game of soccer with you, and say it. Compliments generally have a positive response. Your partner will definitely try harder to impress you, thus, keeping your life spiced up.

  1. Practice an active sex life:

Amidst the responsibilities and hectic life lust tends to fade away from a relationship. DO NOT let it happen. Make love with passion and intimacy. Spice up your sex life with something new, candles and chocolates help a lot.



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