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How to Handle a Relationship after your Partner has Cheated

October 6, 2012

A relationship is built on the foundations of trust. We feel safe, secure and happy with a person because we know that the person loves us in a way in which he loves nobody else. We spend precious moments with them, which are very special for us. We share our secrets with them, and they become an integral part of our private lives. They become closer to us than most people do, and we expect that such closeness be respected. We want that we be the only person who shares such a relationship with them, and nobody else should. There is a certain sense of possessiveness that grows. It’s as if there is a certain part of them that only we have a right over and nobody else does. Nobody else is allowed to enter that territory that you both share.

Sometimes, such events occur that some people turn out to be unfaithful and are carried away by situations. There might be some people who are very attractive or good looking, and we develop a small crush on them. In spite of being in a relationship, we experience a very strong and uncontrollable attraction towards them. The attraction usually dies over time, but by then it is too late. People lose control over themselves and enter into another relationship, cheating on their original partners. By the time they realize that it was just infatuation and not love, it’s too late again. The original partner usually comes to know of the extra relationship, and ends up ditching them. This leads to a very awkward situation, where both the persons love each other but are not together.

If this happens with you then, there are certain courses of action that can be taken in such a situation.

  1. You should take your time – You should play a little hard to get, and take your time pondering over whether you should get back with them. If that person has the patience to wait all the time and cajole you into the relationship over and over again without getting bored, he really likes you. If he gets bored and moves on, then it is in the best interest of both of you. You should convince yourself that he never did like you, because true love overcomes obstacles and does not give up that easily.
  2. You should consider forgiving him – The reason for this is that, we’re all humans and we all make mistakes. Some people are very strong mentally and have a great deal of control over themselves, while others don’t. That is why they end up doing such things. But it can be totally true that those people did not intend anything bad at all. They just lost control and went in with the flow of things. If this happens one time, then you could consider forgiving him. But if this continues happening, then you should know that something is wrong with your partner and the bond is not strong enough between you both. That is why the third person has been able to enter into the relationship, and perhaps you could look at strengthening the bond or separating.

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