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Things to do after a break up

October 5, 2012

In our quest for a perfect relationship and perfect person, we will encounter many people who are in the same quest, but are quite incompatible and imperfect for us. A relationship has a million good things about it; it changes our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. It brings about a sense of happiness and positivity in our lives, and gives us a partner, somebody we depend upon and somebody who depends upon us.

In spite of all these joys, relationships have their low points which are equally terrible. Most prominent amongst them is certainly separation. When two partners break up after a relationship, there are a number of bonds that are cut off. It is very difficult for a person to live without something he has been used to, something which has become a part of his life. But, a break up is inevitable in a number of relationships, and nobody can quite do much about them rather than get over them. A break up occurs when two persons are incompatible and do not complement each other well. Slowly and steadily issues will certainly arise between them, and after a time the relationship will be a burden rather than a joy. They’ll fall out of love with each other. Other cases where a relationship may end is when there are trust issues, or certain other things such as cheating. Whatever it is, it is important to get over a relationship.

To get over a relationship it is important to remember to do a few things that will make the process of separation slightly less painful.

  1. Analyze –Analyze what went wrong with the relationship. Think about all the wrong things that happened that should not have happened. After you analyze, you shall gain valuable insight into the relationship and it will help you develop as a person. It will give you a reason why your relationship ended, and you will stop apportioning blame. You will have a sense of peace and calm. If during the introspection phase, you get the revelation that the person was perfect for you and you might not get anybody better in your life, you should immediately go back, apologize and try to start things afresh.
  2. Enjoy your new found freedom – No matter how easy your partner is in terms of restrictions, there are some lines in a relationship that you cannot simply cross. Well, now that you’re single, you can easily do whatever you want without the fear of anyone knowing, or anyone stopping you. You can flirt with whomever you want, and do such things which in turn will help you relax and de-stress. This will help you slowly get over a relationship.
  3. Stop thinking about the past – Whatever happened, happened. Thinking about it won’t help; it’ll only increase your anxiety. Hence, you should stop thinking about the past and think of what you want to do in the future. You could plan out a few things, and that will certainly help you in life.

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