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Set Boundaries While Dating

October 5, 2012

Though you are completely engrossed in the exotic world, you need to be practical and sensible. I mean, play safe. And yes!! It’s very important to set boundaries while dating. This may be difficult, but not impossible. Listed below are tips to help you out.

1)      Be frank with your partner: At this podium, it’s very important to be frank. Don’t feel shy to say anything. Let it be sexual matter or any other thing. Discuss with your partner, the kind of relationship which you have fantasized. Tell your special one, if you don’t appreciate kisses or holding your hand. Practice openness in your relationship. If your partner is not hypocrite; he/she will understand you.

2)      Be honest: Honesty is indeed very important for a strong relationship. If you want to exercise some boundaries then discuss on this topic from the very beginning. If your partner doesn’t respect your views then you should move on. That person is not the one for you.

3)      Start at the very beginning: If you don’t start at the very beginning, you will be left devalued and wondering what went wrong. Don’t let this happen, keep it classy and cool. It’s not at all weird and disturbing, if you want to exercise some boundaries.

4)      Space: Space is of utmost importance in a relationship. Many a time, people forget to give and take space in a relationship. In spite of showing immense love to your partner you also need to cultivate other interests. You need to be sociable. You can’t be successful, if only your significant one is with you. You need your kith and kin as well. For maintaining your social status, you may require space sometimes.

5)      Respect your partner’s needs: If your better half wants to exercise some boundaries, understand your partner. There is no place for criticism and contempt in a relationship. Allow your partner to be open with you. This will make your relationship more cohesive and strong.


1)      Be very practical and learn to say ‘no’.

2)      Always consider your purpose. You need to set boundaries surrounding time.

3)       On a casual note, people move very fast. Take things slow. It takes time to see the true personalities or understand them properly.

4)      Be clear about your boundaries. You can take help of phone or messages, If you can’t convey your feelings directly.

5)      Give your partner two chances to set things right. Your partner may not have wrong intensions. You may have misinterpreted your better half.

6)      Honor your partner’s feelings and comfort level. Try to make your partner comfortable.

7)      It’s better if you talk to your partner face to face. Boundaries are better taught by actions.

8)      Show rejection to behavior which crosses your boundary lines. This will be helpful in the long run.

9)      If you are going for a blind date, chose a bit crowed place. Be sensible and wise.

10)  Boundaries have edges. Present your views properly and politely.

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