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How to Deal with being in a Relationship with an older Guy

October 2, 2012

Are you in a relationship with an older guy? If yes, don’t worry. It’s not that a relationship of that kind won’t work at all. Many a time, your ways to handle things can make a huge difference. Listed below are a few tips to handle a relationship with an older guy.

1)      Try to understand him:

It’s not that older guys are a confusing lot to understand. You just need to switch your brains on to understand the prerogatives better. Understanding is the foundation of love. Everyone craves for an understanding partner. This will make both of you feel good.

2)      Show respect to his experience and wisdom:

You need to respect the wisdom that comes with age. It’s natural, that he is wiser than you are. Accept this fact and argue less. He is more experienced and can analyze things in a better way. Give respect and take respect.

3)      Do not try to change him:

On a casual note, people older than us think in a different way. Love is the matter of the heart and not of the brain. He must be good natured and should love you. If he does that, you should respect the differences. Never force your opinion and your thoughts on him. This may lead to resentment and contempt.

4)      Be a good  “caretaker”:

Older guy are surely good caretakers. He desires for the same from your side. He will love you more if you genuinely care for him. His happiness depends on you. He craves for attention and care, and returns it with more fervor keeping you satisfied at all times.

5)      Prepare yourself for a morality parade:

No matter how advanced the society seems to be, you and your guy are always going to face criticism and contempt. You are more likely to receive free advices from your kith and kin. Remain calm and act wisely. Surely, the age difference won’t matter after a point of time. You need to beat the time test.

6)      Judge your guy well:

Even if you are very serious about your relationship, your partner may not be serious. Try to analyze properly whether he is with you only for youth or not. Don’t allow your guy to take advantage of your young age. Think on all issues properly.

7)      Complement each other:

Complements always please a person. This will help you to get closer inspite of your differences. Accept your significant one whole-heartedly and love unconditionally. Your mere acceptance can cause a big difference.


1)      You can give occasional gifts and surprises. This will make your guy feel special and loved.

2)      Have fewer expectations. This will help you in the long run. You will remain contended with whatever you get.

3)      Love your significant one deeply and unconditionally. Love is the best gift you can give anyone.

4)      Share your secrets and practice openness in your relationship. This will help you develop a healthy and cohesive relationship.

5)      Accept your faults. Avoid baseless arguments.



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