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Reasons Why You Should Reconcile in a Relationship

October 1, 2012

A relationship is something which gives us a lot of happiness when it is flourishing. When it is not, it gives us a lot of pain and anxiety. A lot of issues can crop up in a relationship leading to problems which do not go away easily. It is very important to avoid such problems because they can leave a scar on the relationship which might never go away. This might mean that the original charm of a relationship might go, and that is not really a good thing.

Also, a lot of such problems means that a relationship might not last very long, and then it’s back to being single again. It is highly advisable that you save a relationship if you consider that person to be good, genuine and honest, because there might be the passage of a considerable period of time before you find someone who is as good as that partner.

While it is important to take measures to avoid fights and problems, it is acknowledged that such problems are a part of every relationship, and problems are bound to occur in every relationship. Hence it is very important to solve such problems and make sure that the problem has not affected the relationship, and things get back to normal. It is also important to ensure that the cause of the problem has been looked into and sorted so as to prevent future occurrences of the same problem.

While the pain might be unbearable at times, and break up might look to be a plausible option, sometimes one should consider reconciling with the partner because of various reasons. They are –

  1. Don’t lose a good partner: If you consider your partner to be good and you both are compatible then it would be a very bad idea to break up unless you have tried everything to save the relationship. Such people are hard to come by, and you should keep them when you have them.
  2. A fresh start: When things really get bad, and you are facing a long time of separation, then getting back will be a fresh start to your relationship, only that you are in a much better position to understand your partner. Your understanding of your partner is certainly much better because of the phase you first spent together, and then spent apart, and you have a very good idea of what she likes and dislikes. That understanding will help you conduct your relationship in a much better way, without many problems.
  3. Exciting times: Getting back with your partner is like meeting a friend who you haven’t met in ages. You remember all the good times, and try to relive them. You will spend lots of moments together, and create superb memories. The first few meetings after a patch up would be really special and there would be a spark and a touch of emotions to it. Afterwards, you start getting comfortable again and then it is back to the good old times, leaving the past truly behind but at the same time learning from it.

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