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Tips to Practice Openness in a Relationship

September 29, 2012

Open conversation is very important for a healthy long term relationship. To have a flawless relationship without any hassles, one is required to open up. Trying to be open with your partner? Tips for the same are listed below.

1)      Be open with one self :

Analyze properly your needs and desires. Try to accept your reality. It’s solely necessary to be comfortable with your partner. If you are not comfortable at your end, ask your kith and kin to help you out. If needed, you can take help of psychiatrists or help services.

2)       Be open to the ideas of your partner:

It is absolutely foolish to tell your deepest secrets in the beginning stage of your relation. Try to analyze the objectives, taste and personality of your partner. After spending a prolong time, if you can trust that person, you can choose to share your secrets with the same.

3)      Avoid telling lies to a greater extent:

This will help to avoid resentment of any sort. Being truthful is the righteous way to handle a relation. This may cause troubles in the beginning, but will surely prove helpful in the long run. Trust is indeed the most important ingredient in a relationship. Try to be trusted by your partner.

4)      Try to express your emotions and your mind set clearly by your words:

Think twice before you speak. Instead of behaving weird, speak out. If you disagree with your partner in some aspect, state the reason of your resentment. Pay respect to the differences between both of you. Don’t force someone to accept your ideas. These things are extremely important for a strong relationship.

5)      Talk  your way out through situations:

Avoid being diplomatic. Try to pay attention to your partner’s questions. Speak out the truth and answer questions of any sort may seem to disturb your partner. This will help to develop a cohesive relationship.

6)      Try to spend quality time with your partner as much as possible:

Communication is the best way to get closer to someone. Talking with the person you like, will help you to get closer and open with the same. One can talk on any pleasing topic. To develop a strong bond, you can discuss the topics in which your views differ with your partner. This may help you both to see different aspects of things.

You should keep these 3 points in mind while dealing with your partner:

  1. Try to have a face to face conversation. This is proved better than messaging, e-mailing etc as these communication ways fail to express your body language and facial expression. Talking face to face will increase the strength of your bond with the other and help to develop better understanding.
  2. Partners can give surprises to each other.
  3. For guys-Learn to give compliments sometimes. Compliments always please a girl.
  4. Sometimes open discussions might lead to serious arguments. Try to convey your feelings properly. Still if there exists a lot of differences between both of you and you don’t respect the views of your partner, that person is not meant for you. There should be no place for contempt and criticism in a relationship.

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