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How to Appear Good to her Parents

September 28, 2012

When a relationship progresses, and both partners start believing that the other partner is perfect for them and they wish to spend their entire lives together, it is time to think about marriage. When you marry each other, you enter a whole new world where you live together and share all your joys and sorrows, and your entire worlds.

Marriage is not an easy thing though. First, you need to have a relationship that is in full flow. The relationship should not be merely 3 or 4 month old; it has to be there for a considerable period of time to understand each other and then the decision to enter a marriage has to be carefully taken, because a broken marriage is much more problematic than a broken relationship.

You have to then propose the girl for the marriage, which as if isn’t a difficult task in itself, you have to then talk to her parents. This stage is especially frightening for a lot of people, because this can make or break your marriage. That meeting holds special significance, because you will have to make a good impression in the meeting itself.

To know how to conduct oneself in such a meeting, and subsequent meetings, and impress the parents for the marriage so that they happily give away their girl’s hand for marriage, it is important to understand what the parents want from the boy. The parents really care about their girl, and the girl is the princess of their house. They expect the boy to be someone who would treat her the same, and care for her. They are very concerned about the boys, because he will be a stranger, and how he shall treat their daughter after marriage. The last thing they want is their daughter to be abused after marriage and come back home. They try to judge the person based on how he behaves with them, and with other people, and it is important to be behaving properly.

Hence, it is important to treat everybody with respect, irrespective of their social standing. That will show that you are a good person from the heart, and you respect humans and their emotions. You should be generous and nice to people in whom you have no vested interest in as well, and this behaviour should also extend to your life, not only while conducting yourself in front of your to-be in-laws. Secondly, there should be a lot of sincerity not only in your actions but also in your words. You should be reassuring, telling them that their daughter would be well taken care of and you love her from the bottom of your heart. You should tell them that their daughter means as much to you as she does to them, and you would care for her every need. Also, you should never ask your wife to give up her job or anything, because that will show that you are seeking to dominate her. A marriage is a relationship of equals, and it should be such. Hence, it is important to show sincerity and love, and they will be assured of you.

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