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How to Build up Trust in a Relationship

September 26, 2012

A relationship is certainly a wonderful phase in a person’s life, and it brings a whole lot of joys. You are exposed to a new world of interdependency, love and caring that keeps you happy all the time. To be successful in a relationship, it is very important to keep things calm between both parties, since there are chances that things may occasionally go bad between them.

Sometimes issues arise regarding trust where either of the partners is unsure whether the other partner really loves them or not, and suspect their partner of cheating with somebody else. Hence, these issues should be nipped in the bud because a lot of relationships come to an end due to this problem itself. Once the seed of doubt is sown in the minds of the person about the partner, possessiveness takes over and people do strange things. This makes the relationship between the parties very unpleasant and more sad than happy.

One thing that all partners should do when a relationship starts is to have a talk about trust issues. It is extremely important to talk regarding trust issues and you should outline what things are accepted in a relationship and what is not. When you ‘draw the line’ then you can discuss regarding whether they are reasonable or not, and so on, this will at least give you an idea of what to expect from a relationship.

Next, do all you can to keep the other’s trust. By do all you can, one does not mean that you should only remain faithful, which of course you must. You should make a conscious effort and take some positive action to maintain the level of trust that she has in you. One way to do that is knowing about her likes and dislikes and always trying to adhere to what she likes. You can always avoid going out with a partner of the opposite sex, if that particular venture is unnecessary. You can try to introduce your best friends in the opposite sex, without whom you cannot live, to your partner. This makes them friendly and removes the complications and jealousy and tries to avoid trust problems relating to this. It is important to introduce them, because you would not naturally like to part with the company of either of them at any phase in a relationship.

The next thing you can take care of is how you look at a relationship. Be relaxed initially, and try trusting your partner over things. It is very bad to be extremely touchy about everything, and this would bring a lot of negative energy into the relationship which may lead to problems. It may initially seem a bit hard to do, but you would have to maintain a broad outlook, which would ensure that your partner gets the necessary freedom and remains happy. This would go a long way in preventing any type of problem because people tend to cheat only when they are unhappy in a particular relationship, and see more scope of happiness elsewhere. Hence, it is better to divert one’s energies to keeping your partner happy.

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