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Giving Her the Joy She Deserves

September 26, 2012

Relationship is a lot about joy, happiness and self satisfaction that you gain from being with someone, depending on someone for many things, sharing everything with them and so on. A sense of togetherness develops between the parties, and they become a huge part of each other’s lives. They convert the sorrows of each other’s lives into joys merely by their presence and by their comforting words or actions.

Hence, it is a moral responsibility upon you to keep your partner happy in a relationship. It would be very bad on your part if your partner is really in need for some love or happiness and you choose to ignore her. That shows that you are not fit for a relationship, because a relationship is not only about having, it is as much about giving and caring.

There are a number of things you can do to keep her happy which have been set down below.

  1. Love her – Sounds simple isn’t it? Well this is a part which many people fail to express. It is very important to love her with all your heart, and when you do, she will know. You need to be dedicated to your partner, and care about her properly. She will love it no matter how many times a day you tell her that you love her, and it is highly recommended that you show your feelings towards her, whether it be in the form of a simple ‘I love you’ text or a warm hug.
  2. Be Sincere in a Relationship – It is very important to be sincere, because being fake will initially work but as the relationship progresses it will falter. It is important to mean all that you say, and all your actions should be sincere and not reckless. You should always be there to listen to the problems your partner has, and try to sort out them with utmost sincerity. In short, whenever your partner needs you, you really need to be with her and stand by her side, and this will give her happiness that nothing else can.
  3. Give her little things – Although emotional matters always take precedence such as love and trust, gifts also work most of the time. Girls love gifts, and the gift need not be something very expensive that you need to give for her to like it. It can be a very simple yet heartfelt gesture for her that shows her how much you love her. If you can afford it, you can certainly go for certain nice gifts, and she will never be disappointed.
  4. Trust her and Praise Her – These are signs of what a true man should do in a relationship. When one is trusted in a relationship, they are very happy and confident and they trust and love you back. If she deserves it, then you should certainly trust her. You should praise her in front of your friends, and always tell her how lucky you are to have them in your life. This will make them very satisfied.

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