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Tips To Develop Work Relationships

September 24, 2012

Nowadays people spend more time in offices and institutions than with family. People have become so much workaholic and so much dependent on the persons they work with at office that it has become mandatory for the to establish good relation at work with their colleagues and co-workers. These connections and relationships are very significant as your paychecks, promotions and livelihoods solely depend on them.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while developing work relationships:-

1)      Be open and be an extrovert:

Having a good relationship with your boss or your colleagues requires you to completely adapt to your environment as well as with your work and your colleagues. For this you need to be completely open and honest and you should give your best shot at blending nicely with people as soon as possible.

2)      Introduce yourself:

If you are new to the company you should depict a clear picture of yourself before others depict it for you. You don’t have to use your qualifications or work experience as a channel. You only need to mention your objectives or your way of handling things.

3)      Accept constructive criticism and be open to new ideas everyday:

You can have a very good relationship with your superiors as well as your colleagues by accepting criticism from them, realizing where you went wrong and then trying to work upon the same. This improves the work environment as well as it makes your superiors content. You should also be open to new ideas and should try to venture into new fields which haven’t been worked upon by others. You should make your presence felt in the company.

4)      Your message should be clear and shouldn’t be misinterpreted:

The key factor in developing any relationship is communication. You should be completely fluent in your words and your interaction with others should not be self centered in any way. If you don’t communicate in a better way your words may be taken or understood in a different manner leading to mistrust and resentment among others.

5)      Problems should be addressed right away:

You should try your best to address the problems as soon as possible. You should have a complete understanding of the problems and should try to give others various suggestions and advice to tackle the same. You shouldn’t try to be confrontational in any way. Tackling others problems will instill a feeling of trust in others regarding you and will thus lead to a more cohesive relationship.

6)      Personal and professional are two distinct aspects:

This forms the most important criteria for establishing a flawless relationship among your co-workers and colleagues. You should earmark boundaries between your personal and professional lives. You shouldn’t have a habit of discussing your personal issues with other men at work lest this will lead to a tainted image of yours. Revealing your weaknesses to a colleague may also impart a sense of mistrust and disbelief in you and will hamper your relationship with others at work for sure.



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