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How to deal with a third person in a relationship

September 23, 2012

There are many of us who want to be in a relationship and experience all the joys and happiness of relationships. A relationship is not always simple, and there are many complications that are likely to arise in it if one is not careful enough. Also, human never has control over his emotions, and hence some things are likely to occur that put us in an emotional dilemma. It is very important to sort out our feelings in such a situation and take the best decision that will benefit our lives in the best way, and one must be careful to never dishonour a relationship by cheating or otherwise. One should be transparent about his feelings, because breaking up is one thing, and losing the respect of your ex-partner is entirely different. While the former is acceptable, the latter is not desirable at all.

One such situation you may encounter is when a third person enters your life in a relationship. Although our mind would obviously tell us not to go for such indulgences, we really don’t exercise much control in situations, at least the most of us. The third person may enter our life like a breath of fresh air, and we are likely to be attracted towards them especially when things are going rough in our original relationship. We may find all the joys and all the pleasures in them that we don’t find in our relationship, and we may feel very attracted by them and the freshness they bring to our life. In such situations it is important to retrospect and decide a few very important things.

First, we should think about all the good things that our current partner has done for us, and all the good memories we have. One should feel a sense of responsibility towards them, and understand that a rough patch can be overcome by taking a few important steps. One should decide about the relationship, and if it has any future. If there is potential for the future, then one should give it a try. One should make an effort to overcome the rough patch, and continue the current relationship. One should realize that every potential relationship is very exciting at the beginning because of the mysteries of it, and once we get to know each other better, things get pretty much normal. Hence, it is not advisable to get carried away and break up. We might lose a good partner, and gain a partner who was never as good.

In the second scenario, when the future for the current relationship looks bleak, then one may consider breaking up and going for the new person. It is important to assess the relationship properly. More important is to give the new person a cooling off period. One should wait before one jumps to any conclusion. Waiting solves most problems, and you can realize if the new person in your life is good enough for you or not, and if you both will be happy in a relationship. Then you can talk to your current partner, tell them about all the problems, and break up with honour and go for the new relationship.

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