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Relationship & Dating Advice

September 21, 2012

It doesn’t matter if you have been in a relationship for years or you are just beginning one you think might actually work, there sure are a lot of ways to mess it all up!  People are just too complicated and when they care about one another, it can become even more complicated.  When you are seeking relationship and dating advice, then consider some of the following points to help steer you in the right direction. The following tips will definitely help you to make a happy dating and make a good relationship with your partner.

Keep time for yourself.

Even if you love someone so much it hurts, you still are an individual.  Make sure you take time to be alone or do the things you enjoy.  Couples often make the mistake of constant companionship, sometimes to the point they lose their own identity.  One of the best pieces of relationship advice for men is to give your partner her space.  Not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, it allows for each other to grow as individuals.

Keep your goals in sight, but let her know when they change.

Most people have a well planned out schedule for their lives.  When your relationship first begins, one of the things that might have attracted you was that her schedule was similar to yours.  Time together often will change these goals.  If you are realizing you don’t know how she will fit into this new life you’re planning for yourself, then it is time to sit down and talk.  This may often include a career change, a household move, or continuing your education.  Ask her opinion.  Hopefully she is willing to help you achieve these goals, while keeping hers in line as well.

Accept her as she is.

In searching for relationship advice for men, you will commonly find this one common thread.  Accepting your partner for all of her great qualities and even those you don’t particularly like, is imperative.  No one should completely change who they are in order to make another person happy.  How would feel if she told you to quit playing basketball from now on?  Would you tell her she is not allowed to eat chocolate so she can lose weight?  I would hope not.  Asking your partner if she is ready to make adjustments within the relationship is one thing.  Asking her to change only to suit your personality more is not only wrong, it will push your partner closer to the door.  Take the time to talk over personality quirks to see if you can find a common answer that will best suit you both.


Finally, the best relationship advice for men is to listen.  Women want someone they can depend upon to listen and offer reasonable comments or advice where needed.  Ignoring your partner or just not even paying attention will start the relationship down a road you don’t want to be on.

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