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All about dating and relationship makeover

September 20, 2012

So you are going through a relationship break up.  Nothing can be more painful than affairs of the heart.  Learning to cope with these emotions without going insane can be difficult.  Coping without a complete meltdown is sometimes inevitable.  Here are some tips for learning to cope with a relationship break up.

First, let it all out.  Cry, scream, and barricade yourself inside for a couple of days.  Go ahead and tear all those pictures up into tiny pieces.  It’s allowed.  Give yourself time to hurt so you can begin to heal.  Once your emotions are raw and drained, it is time to pick yourself up and figure out which way you want to go in your life now.  Do not allow yourself to become so depressed it affects your ability to work or go to school.  Push it to the back of your mind during these hours.  Losing your job or getting kicked out of school because of a relationship break up will only complicate things more.

Next, find a trusted friend or family to confide in.  Spend time with those who love you and care about your well-being.  Everyone will have advice for a relationship break up.  Not all will be helpful.  Make sure you ignore the advice to stalk, harass, or exact revenge upon your ex.  Not only can these land you in jail, it will only add to your stress as well.

Make sure to take care of yourself physically.  Go to the gym, eat right, and get enough sleep.  Consider a stress relief, like yoga or running.  Not only will this help get or keep you in shape, it produces endorphins, which manufacture the body’s natural high.  Allowing yourself to get run down or tired will make you more susceptible to the negative feelings about your relationship break up.

Pick up a hobby.  Decide what it is you have always wanted to try.  Go skydiving or canoeing.  Help out at the local soup kitchen or volunteer to help troubled youth.  When you help others, you reap rewards as well.  Sometimes, it will go a long way in showing you what you have in your life some other people don’t.

If you find yourself so low you can’t pull yourself up, do consider professional help.  Sometimes we are unable to see a future within our lives and need the help only found through doctors and counselors.  There is no shame in asking for help.  Your healing time could also be much faster from your relationship break up.

Do not plunge headfirst into another relationship.  This is unfair to your new partner and will only set you up for pain as well.  Make sure you are over your ex before you decide to move on.  This will help prevent you from really making a big mistake you regret later.

Getting over a relationship break up will require time.  Nothing happens overnight.  Realizing this is the first step in healing.  Be patient.  Love will come again.



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