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Rejuvenate your Relationship with the right attitude towards life

September 19, 2012

Relationship is of many types but for human desires to being loved is the main reason for an interpersonal relationship. People have desires of being loved, especially from the one’s for whom they care and expect something in return which is an obvious human nature. To be in a relationship is not as easy as pronouncing the word but is difficult while learning to handle the situations that can result in the failure of a relation with just because of a small misunderstanding. There are also many people those who play with other on behalf of relationship but the after effects are so worse that left the person with a scar for the whole life. At this time the thinking of the person becomes like he or she can’t trust anybody, in fear of getting blame and being left alone at the critical stages of life.

When person is in a relationship there are many desires of getting being loved, some of the intimate desires include physical touch and attachment in terms of sexual activity or hugging, kissing, holding hands etc. There is also emotional touch and personal discussions between the two people in relationship. From a central point of view the intimacy is very necessary in any kind of relationship and personal life. Genuine life requires some of the necessary things between two people like transparency, proper verbal discussions and many other small solutions to big problems.

  • Some of the important things that should be kept in mind while having a date and getting in a relationship are:
  • There must be an absolute transparency between the two regarding each and every thing in life. It includes the small things like knowing about each others family background, future thinking and other decision and point of view of being in a relationship.
  • Being in a relationship requires many promises including the promise of getting married later on, here the mind stops working and the answer is always positive but one should think and foresee the rising problems that can step out as a barrier in the happy living.
  • Family discussions should also be arranged after personal decision as it will gather you the family support, and will help you in the hard times.
  • Living in dreams is not the only solution to carry the relationship. Instead being on the practical side and realizing the daily problem and expenditure after marriage should be kept in mind and planned. The conclusion must be taken before decision.

Satisfaction must be there from both the sides and trust worthy relationship should be established. It is better that one takes a second opinion from his or her friends and adjustments must be made. One should adjust and compromise in a relationship as it will not prove the other one wrong else the other one feel like inferiority complex rather than being getting loved and act as a soul mate. Suggestions from each other at various decisions of life will make your relation more stable and better.

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