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Relationship a decision of lifetime

September 18, 2012

Today our life is getting more typical and hectic, especially for the ones going at the age of 19. The competition is so hard that you can’t bear the stress sometimes, at that time at that place everybody needs someone who is always there for him or her whenever needed. This marks the beginning of relationships and dating. At various stages in our life everybody suffers some drawbacks and problems which make up for the reason of drawback.

Relationship is particularly a so called mutual understanding between two, it can be a man and woman, man and man, woman and woman or boy and girl. Between these the relationship which is mostly seen across is between man and woman or girl and boy. From class 9th in colleges everybody start taking up some responsibilities of his own or if not the family bound him to carry out the responsibilities that results in success and failure on both the extremes we need someone with whom we can share it. The first such people are friends, then after sometimes it is always a girl for boys and boys for girls. Relationship gets better and worse as the time changes, most of the times it extends till dating, where one had a chance to share one’s most personal feelings with the one in front of him, it also results in the decision of “staying together for the lifetime”.

With all these things the general way in which we get in regular touch physically and verbally is most important. For the lifetime there are infinite faces that one sees but only few or the one captures the heart and mind both. The person that one is looking for a permanent gear up can come up at any point and at any stage of life.

Everything counts when one is in a relationship or is going to be in a relationship, including the behavior, act of valor, sense of humor, confidence, care, looks, character, etc. The time will let one think and doubt on the ongoing relationship if these things are not clear with both of them because it needs time. Dating is an important part that pace ups the relationship. The feel, the environment that one experience at that time with the loved one is quietly left unexplained.

The eye contact and hand touch are the initial mark up of a relationship. Ability to sense that what is going on with your partner and satisfying her or him according to the needs is what an intelligent relationship. One should not be left alone at anytime because he or she will be the one on whom you are going to rely in future, hard times, breakdowns, or at the time of any miss-happening. Soul and mind both should be discussed and there must be a transparency between the two regarding any topic or point, a joint decision must be there. Life gets simpler when one provides you the best solution and on whom you can trust and rely on thinking of him or her as just another part of you. Who stands with you at every stage of the life and can stop you from going on the wrong path, so a relationship and dating both are not the things to play with; it can be a lifetime decision for the one with whom you are faking.

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