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What women want?

September 17, 2012

Being in relationship is not so easy, you consistently face challenges which should be handled delicately otherwise, and it may ruin your relationship. There are so many complicated things in relationship that a man should simplify with his actions. Today, we are going to simplify most complicated topic and that is what woman want. The question is very short but the answer is very hard. Below, we are going to answer this question in various parts, so that you can easily figure out, which point implies on your partner.

  1. Loyalty – first of all, women can’t stand a partner who cheats on her, and the same thing implies with men. We are humans and we don’t want to share our things with others, especially women. Women are very sensitive and their feelings are very genuine towards their true love. So, they want a partner who is completely loyal to them and very generous at the same time.
  2. Well settled – women are very concerned with their partner’s financial condition because they understand the value of money. Though, money can’t buy you happiness but you can buy things, which brings you extreme joy. Women always think about future and they like those men who are well settled and having a steady income. Well, some women do love money more than men, but that is not true in every case.
  3. Well behaved – when a woman is searching for a partner then the first thing they notice about them is their behaviour. If a man is not well behaved, then a woman will always consider someone else. So, men must be well behaved with their partner so that they can understand that you respect them.
  4. Good physique – a woman is always attracted towards a man with good physique because women always like a man who can satisfy them physically. So, try to build a good physique, so that you can attract lots of women out there. On the other hand, if you posses all  the above mentioned features then physique won’t play a bigger role, because women know that it is very difficult to find a well settled, well behaved loyal man.
  5. Humour – women get easily attracted to good sense of humour because they just can’t resist laughing on good jokes. Women like to be entertained when they are sad, therefore a person with good sense of humour is always preferred. If you think that you are having a good sense of humour, then you are having a pretty decent chance of hooking up.
  6. Be creative – when you fall in love, women expect you to be creative and innovative, so that you can give them some surprises. Women do like regular routines but at the same time they want something out the box. Fantasies are also very important because women like to experiment a lot.

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