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How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

September 17, 2012

Life has its own ups and downs and a lot of crests and troughs. People stay in a relationship for the sole purpose of staying happy and contended with his/her partner but a lot of problems and complicacies emerge as a result of which the happiness and gaiety in a person gets suffocated resulting glum faces for days or weeks altogether and that’s when the role of a partner emerges.

Partners can do their bit by saying or doing something that can make their girl/boy happy. Many a time partners remain unsuccessful in doing so and this raises doubts on the others minds regarding their capabilities as a soul mate.

Boys should do their bit and take some steps to make their girlfriend happy. These are:

1)      Be a good listener:

You should try to analyze the situation and take account of everything that has happened and the circumstances that made your girlfriend sad. You should be a patient listener and should ask questions now and then to show that you are paying full attention to her and at the same time you shouldn’t get angry and irritated when talking with her and try not to spoil her already spoilt mood. You should listen to her words carefully and try to interpret what went wrong and what steps need to be taken.

2)      Share things:

You should try to confide your thoughts, dreams, hopes, problems and the reason of happiness or sorrows in your girlfriend. Self-disclosure can also include the movies, music or even novels that you like. Self-disclosure is proved to be very essential to bonding and mutual attraction. It gives the girl a sense of importance of herself in your life. You should then try to listen to all the things she has to say.

3)      Be trustworthy:

She trusts you a lot and in no circumstances you should break your trust. A true boyfriend always keeps his words and doesn’t cheat on his girlfriend. You should always try to tell the truth. You shouldn’t fear in saying the truth to her, even if it is lethal to your relationship. Getting caught in a lie is much more painful and can prove fatal to your relationship. Try to be as frank as possible with her.

4)      Make her laugh:

The main task is making her laugh under those circumstances. You should put in all your effort and try to make her laugh with your good sense of humor. You can also make her remind of some funny incidents or some excerpts from your life. Make sure she has got out of those doldrums first and later try to comfort her by saying that everything will be alright and that you believe in her.

5)      Don’t put any kind of pressure on her:

You should in any case try not to put any kind of undue pressure on her. If she says that she wants to spend some time alone, let her spend. All you need to do is to respect her and give her some space and time. They say time heals everything so it is true that with passage of time she’ll return back to normalcy.

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