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Tips to Get Along with Your Boyfriend’s Mother

September 16, 2012

In every relationship, a lot of hiccups rise in the beginning between the two involved. But with passage of time and with constant understanding of the other’s likes and dislikes everything gets a bit simpler.

If you have searched all the way to land on this article, you must have had considerable difficulties in dealing with your boyfriend’s mom. His mom may seem to act very stern and may seem that she doesn’t approve of you at all. However, you shouldn’t take any worries at all. It is absolutely normal for something like this to happen in the beginning. There are just a few steps which is needed to be followed to get along with your boyfriend’s mother and make her approve of you.

1)      Look and understand the reason:

You should be aware as to why his mother is angry on you. You should analyze and try to recall whether there were any previous incidences which provoked his mother to be rude and disapproving. If it is, make sure to apologize for your behavior. A simple sorry may come in handy.

2)      Respect her:

You should forget all the rude things she had said or all the blame she had put on you. You should keep it in mind that whatever is happening is a very big misunderstanding. You shouldn’t label her as mean, annoying or anything of that sort. You should try to respect her as much as possible.

3)      Discuss it with your boyfriend:

You should ask your boyfriend whether he has any idea why his mother is behaving the same. If he doesn’t know about it, you should ask him what you are supposed to do to improve the relation between both of you or better keep him out of everything and try to work out things on your own.

4)      Don’t argue or speak with a high voice:

You should be as subtle and humble in your approach as possible if you want to smoothen up things. It will certainly take some time in doing so, but you have to take your chances. You are not supposed to make it a big issue and keep it as low as possible.

5)      Ask others for opinion:

You should ask your near and dear ones or relatives and cousin who have already been in that situation before. You should heed to their advice and count on them. They are evidently more experienced than you and may provide you with a simpler and easier to ease the tension prevailing between both of you with ease.

6)      Try to impress her:

You should have a complete understanding of her likes and dislikes and act accordingly. You may cook her something or try to help her out even if she doesn’t stop approving of you then. If possible try to ask her directly what the problem is and what she could do to straighten up things. You should be very straight forward in your approach. All you need to do is to tie up the loose ends and show as much care and love to her as possible.

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